Ch 47: NES Middle Grades Math: Circles

About This Chapter

In this NES Middle Grades Math preparation chapter the focus is circles; lesson topics range from its parts to area and angle calculations. Be sure to take the quizzes as you go and complete the chapter exam to see how you're doing.

NES Middle Grades Math: Circles - Chapter Summary

This chapter continues your review of basic geometric principles with a thorough discussion of circles. Here you prepare for the National Evaluation Series (NES) Middle Grades Mathematics exam by following along with our instructors as they define a circle and its parts and work through essential formulas using real-world applications. Get ready for test day with topics explaining how to:

  • Identify the parts of a circle
  • Find inscribed and central angles
  • Determine the radius and diameter of a circle
  • Calculate circumference and area
  • Evaluate semicircles and quarter circles
  • Complete word problems involving circles

This comprehensive study platform gives you one location for your entire test preparation process. The thorough video lessons review key concepts you are likely to be tested on and present the information in a fun and engaging way, helping you cement your understanding of the material through memorable graphics. The videos are brief and mobile, helping you fit studies into your schedule at home and on the go. The self-assessments give you an opportunity to practice answering multiple-choice questions about circles and point you back to related content in the lessons for areas where you may need further practice.

NES Middle Grades Math: Circles Chapter Objectives

The NES Middle Grades Mathematics test is broken up into four content domains, with this material falling mainly in the Measurement and Geometry domain. This domain includes approximately 25% of the test material and includes questions responding to three geometry-related objectives. Circles are part of the objective which focuses on Euclidean geometry. You need to meet or surpass the national benchmark score of 220 on the 100-300 scaled score system to pass the exam.

8 Lessons in Chapter 47: NES Middle Grades Math: Circles
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Parts of a Circle

1. Parts of a Circle

After watching this video lesson, you will be able to identify the parts of a circle. You will learn the names of four different parts of a circle along with what each part does for the circle.

Central and Inscribed Angles: Definitions and Examples

2. Central and Inscribed Angles: Definitions and Examples

When we're working with circles, there are two key angles to know: central angles and inscribed angles. These angles have a few special theorems, which we'll discuss and practice using in this lesson.

How to Find the Radius of a Circle: Definition & Formula

3. How to Find the Radius of a Circle: Definition & Formula

In this lesson, you will discover the definition of a radius. You will also learn how to find the radius of a circle using three different formulas based on diameter, circumference, and area.

How to Find the Diameter of a Circle: Definition, Formula & Example

4. How to Find the Diameter of a Circle: Definition, Formula & Example

Learn the definition of the diameter of a circle and how to find it using a simple formula. See some examples, then test your knowledge with a short quiz.

Circles: Area and Circumference

5. Circles: Area and Circumference

Understanding how to calculate the area and circumference of circles plays a vital role in some of our everyday functions. They serve as the foundation for operating with three-dimensional figures. Learn more about the area and circumference of circles in this lesson.

Semicircle: Definition, Perimeter & Area Formulas

6. Semicircle: Definition, Perimeter & Area Formulas

In this lesson, you'll discover what a semicircle is. You'll also discover the formulas for perimeter and area that will work on every semicircle. Then, test your knowledge by taking a brief quiz.

Quarter Circles: Calculating Area, Perimeter & Radius

7. Quarter Circles: Calculating Area, Perimeter & Radius

Watch as we solve problems involving the quarter circle in this video lesson. Learn what quarter circles look like, how to find their area, their perimeter, and their radius.

Circles in Word Problems

8. Circles in Word Problems

Watch this video lesson to learn how you can solve word problems that involve circles. Learn how the properties of circles make your problem-solving life that much easier and quicker.

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