Ch 14: NMTA Math: Absolute Value

About This Chapter

New Mexico has replaced the NMTA Mathematics assessment with the National Evaluation Series Mathematics assessment. Watch engaging video lessons and take self-assessment quizzes to help you prepare for questions on the NES Mathematics assessment addressing absolute value.

NMTA Math: Absolute Value - Chapter Summary

Explore this chapter's video lessons to get prepared for the questions you'll face related to absolute value on the NES Mathematics assessment. These lessons can help you get better acquainted with topics found on the test and ensure you're prepared to answer questions that include:

  • Defining absolute value
  • Graphing an absolute value
  • Finding the absolute value of a real number
  • Solving absolute value problems
  • Getting the gist of transformations
  • Graphing absolute value equations

The instructors teaching the video lessons offer step-by-step guidance to ensure you fully understand these concepts. This unique approach to learning in an online environment makes sure you fully comprehend the materials, while helping you learn in a relaxed environment.

Objectives of the NMTA Math: Absolute Value Chapter

The NES Math assessment is the official test used to fulfill teacher licensure or endorsement requirements in New Mexico. It is design to ensure you have the knowledge and skills necessary to teach in your subject area. This NMTA Math: Absolute Value chapter covers topics found in the patterns, algebra and functions portion of the assessment, which constitutes about 24% of the exam. Lesson quizzes found in this chapter help test your knowledge of the materials and give you actual examples of the questions you'll find on the exam.

The assessment is comprised completely of multiple-choice questions. These questions take the form of statements, questions and paragraphs, often showcasing pictures or diagrams to illustrate concepts. Following each question is four answers, one of which you will choose as the best representation of the question asked.

5 Lessons in Chapter 14: NMTA Math: Absolute Value
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What is an Absolute Value?

1. What is an Absolute Value?

When we're talking and comparing numbers, we often don't care whether its positive or negative, just how big it is. This is often called the magnitude of a number and we find it by taking the absolute value. Learn all about it here!

Finding the Absolute Value of a Real Number

2. Finding the Absolute Value of a Real Number

You can find the absolute value of any real number. This lesson will define absolute value, explain what real numbers are and give the steps to finding the absolute value of any real number.

Solving Absolute Value Practice Problems

3. Solving Absolute Value Practice Problems

There are many easy mistakes to make when solving absolute value equations. Learn how to avoid those mistakes here by working on examples of absolute value equations with operations on the inside and the outside of the absolute value.

How to Graph an Absolute Value and Do Transformations

4. How to Graph an Absolute Value and Do Transformations

Absolute value graphs normally look like the letter 'V', but transformations can change that 'V' in a number of different ways. As well as teaching you how to graph absolute values, this video will focus on a specific group of transformations called translations. Learn all about what that means here!

Graphing Absolute Value Equations: Dilations & Reflections

5. Graphing Absolute Value Equations: Dilations & Reflections

Although a basic absolute value graph isn't complicated, transformations can make them sufficiently confusing! In this lesson, you'll practice different transformations of absolute value graphs.

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