Ch 41: NMTA Social Science: Jacksonian Democracy (1825-1850)

About This Chapter

Identify the ways in which the actions of President Jackson changed American politics. Watch the video lessons in this chapter as you prepare for the NMTA Social Science test.

NMTA Social Science: Jacksonian Democracy (1825-1850) - Chapter Summary

Examine these video lessons to scrutinize the choices of early American presidents and discover how they led to civil unrest and conflict during the 19th century. Amidst your preparations for the NMTA Social Science test, look closely at our study guide in order to learn more about the following topics:

  • The 1824 election
  • Andrew Jackson's presidency
  • States' rights
  • The panic of 1837
  • The Indian Removal Act of 1830

To learn this information, we recommend that you watch the videos and read the lesson transcripts. Of course, you may only need to review this information as a refresher, so try using the video tags to switch between main topics. The lesson transcripts are well organized, so it is easier to spot the information you are looking for as you cram for the NMTA Social Science test. Don't forget that we offer lesson quizzes and a chapter exam, allowing you to gauge just how much you know about this era of U.S. history.

NMTA Social Science: Jacksonian Democracy (1825-1850) Objectives

In the state of New Mexico, individuals who want to become teachers must become licensed. Part of that process may involve passing a subject-specific exam such as the NMTA Social Science test. On this particular multiple-choice test, educators are assessed based on their breadth of knowledge across five domains. Questions about Jacksonian democracy would probably be found in the U.S. history domain. Remember that about a quarter of your final test score will result from answers to questions in this one domain alone. Get a better handle on this era of U.S. history by reviewing the video lessons and completing this chapter.

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