Ch 3: Noble Sales Techniques

About This Chapter

Assign this chapter on noble sales techniques to your team members to complete during a corporate training session or from home. You can use this resource to work one-on-one with team members, complete new hire training or lead a company-wide workshop.

Noble Sales Techniques - Chapter Summary

This engaging chapter clearly outlines noble sales techniques for you to use with your employees for a variety of corporate training needs. The lessons cover subjects such as value-added selling techniques and the benefits of assuming good intentions in sales. Along with each of these lessons, we've included short quizzes to test your employee's comprehension before moving on.

How It Helps

  • Provides knowledge: Your team members will come away from this chapter with understanding of a variety of different sales techniques, from FABS to competitive differentiation.
  • Builds strong teams: When your sales teams know how to employ successful, proven sales techniques, they'll be stronger and more successful employees.
  • Offers flexibility: Because this chapter is mobile-friendly and accessible 24 hours a day, you can utilize it with your team members regardless of their work location or schedule.

Skills Covered

After finishing this chapter, your employees should be ready to:

  • Outline the different types of sales techniques and their applications
  • Differentiate between quota selling and purpose-driven selling
  • Define value-added selling and its usage
  • Explain the FABS selling technique with examples
  • Provide a definition and example of competitive differentiation selling technique
  • Identify the benefits of assuming good intentions in sales
  • Describe techniques for assisting customers in the selling process
  • Detail strategies for closing quick and big sales

Final Exam
Introduction to Purpose-Driven Sales
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