Ch 8: Nonharmonic Tones

About This Chapter

This short chapter is filled with engaging lessons you can access anytime to boost your knowledge of nonharmonic tones. Paired with the lessons are short quizzes designed to test your understanding and readiness to take and succeed on a future exam.

Nonharmonic Tones - Chapter Summary

Improve your understanding of nonharmonic tones without visiting a traditional classroom. Study online with help from top instructors who closely examine ornamentation, embellishing tones and pedal point. By reviewing the fun lessons in this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Describe trills, turns and other forms of ornamentation in music
  • Define and recognize examples of embellishing tones
  • Explain the function of a pedal point

Review these lessons on nonharmonic tones in your sequence of choice, and visit them as often as you'd like. Any questions you develop during your study of this chapter can be submitted to our experts via the Dashboard. Before the day of your test, be sure to gauge your comprehension of the lessons by taking mini quizzes and a practice exam.

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