Ch 1: Norman England

About This Chapter

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Norman England - Chapter Summary

Our instructors outline the major events and historical significance of Norman England with these short lessons. You'll learn about William the Conqueror and how he created a new era in England by conquering the Anglo-Saxons. Other lessons cover the substantial failures experienced by England during the later crusades and the economic, political and social impacts of the crusades. After you have read this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Describe some of the long-lasting implications of the Battle of Hastings
  • Explain the motivations and successes of the First Crusade
  • Outline the events of the Civil War in England between King Stephen and his cousin

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6 Lessons in Chapter 1: Norman England
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The Norman Conquest of England

1. The Norman Conquest of England

The Norman Conquest is a central event in England's history. Learn how William the Conqueror subdued the Anglo-Saxons in England and created a new regime with long-lasting effects.

The Battle of Hastings 1066: Summary, Facts & Significance

2. The Battle of Hastings 1066: Summary, Facts & Significance

Ever wonder why there are so many French-sounding words in English? This is just one of the lasting effects of the Battle of Hastings, which you can learn more about in this lesson. Read on to find a summary of the conflict, along with some fun facts!

The First Crusade: Causes and Effects

3. The First Crusade: Causes and Effects

This lesson covers the motivations of Pope Urban II in calling for the crusade at Clermont and at the religious and secular motivations of European laymen. We will also look at the startling success of the first crusade.

The Great Crusades: History and Timeline

4. The Great Crusades: History and Timeline

This lesson examines the utter failure of the later crusades. We look at some of the factors that led to this failure. We then have a glimpse at each of the major crusades abroad, as well as the political and heretical crusades in Europe.

Results and Impact of the Crusades

5. Results and Impact of the Crusades

This lesson explores the results and impact of the Crusades. We examine the social impact, the political impact and the economic impact of three centuries of crusading.

The Anarchy in England: Facts & Civil War

6. The Anarchy in England: Facts & Civil War

In its long history, England has fought against itself several times. One of their first civil wars, however, happened during a period of chaos known as the Anarchy. In this lesson, we'll explore this time and see how it impacted English history.

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