Ch 10: Nucleic Acids: DNA & RNA

About This Chapter

Check out these lessons for a thorough overview of DNA and RNA. This chapter of video lessons can help you bring your grades up, study for upcoming tests, earn continuing education credit or simply learn more about DNA and RNA.

Nucleic Acids: DNA & RNA - Chapter Summary

The lessons in this chapter cover the basics of DNA and RNA. You'll get clear explanations of the roles, functions and types of DNA and RNA and understand the fundamental differences between them. You'll also study the ways in which DNA replicates and what the different types of RNA are.

You can take the self-assessment quizzes that come with each lesson to make sure you retain your knowledge as you move through the chapter. Expert science instructors are available to help if you run into any areas of confusion, and you can print the lesson transcripts to supplement your study. To make the learning experience quick and convenient, we've provided an intuitive dashboard and video timelines. These lessons can be accessed on any desktop, laptop, mobile device or tablet, and you can study these bite-sized lessons whenever it's convenient. These lessons will teach you things like:

  • What DNA is
  • Differences in types of base pairs
  • How neurons function
  • The differences between DNA and RNA
  • How DNA replicates
  • The role of tRNA
  • What a DNA replication fork is

6 Lessons in Chapter 10: Nucleic Acids: DNA & RNA
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What is DNA?

1. What is DNA?

In this lesson, we will learn what DNA is, what its characteristics and functions are, even where it is located and what information it contains. We'll also learn how the double helix is created. Find out more.

Base Pairs: Definition & Types

2. Base Pairs: Definition & Types

Nitrogenous bases pair with each other using hydrogen bonds. Learn how base pairs keep DNA together and how they help RNA take on useful shapes. Afterwards, you can test your knowledge with a quiz.

Differences Between RNA and DNA & Types of RNA (mRNA, tRNA & rRNA)

3. Differences Between RNA and DNA & Types of RNA (mRNA, tRNA & rRNA)

In this lesson, you'll explore RNA structure and learn the central dogma of molecular biology. Along the way, you'll meet the three types of RNA and see how the cell uses them most effectively.

tRNA: Role, Function & Synthesis

4. tRNA: Role, Function & Synthesis

This lesson focuses on transfer RNA (tRNA). It covers what tRNA is, what it does in our cells, and how it is made. It also gives a brief description of the history and discovery of tRNA.

How Does DNA Replicate?

5. How Does DNA Replicate?

In this lesson, we will learn why DNA replicates as well as how. We'll also learn about the rates of replication and how DNA proofreads itself. After watching the lesson, you can complete a short quiz to test your knowledge.

DNA Replication Fork: Definition & Overview

6. DNA Replication Fork: Definition & Overview

DNA defines an individual and is shaped like a spiral staircase. But how is DNA replicated if it is so twisted? Learn what a DNA replication fork is and its importance in this lesson.

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