Ch 1: Numbers & Arithmetic

About This Chapter

Use the lessons in this chapter to help your students get a good grasp of numbers and arithmetic. Short quizzes and a practice exam are available to test your students' knowledge and ensure they're ready to take an upcoming exam.

Numbers & Arithmetic - Chapter Summary

This numbers and arithmetic chapter offers lessons that can help your students understand how to count and perform various mathematical operations. Students can also study whole numbers, place value, even and odd numbers and much more. Lessons are fun to review, ensuring your students remain fully engaged throughout the chapter. After completing the lessons, they will be able to:

  • Count numbers and skip count
  • Understand whole numbers, put them together and take them apart
  • Order and compare whole numbers, quarters, halves, tenths and hundredths
  • Determine the place and value of a number
  • Identify even and odd numbers
  • Grasp addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

The lessons can be viewed in any sequence and visited them as many times as needed for students to understand numbers and arithmetic. Short lesson quizzes are available to assess their knowledge of these topics. This chapter also offers a chapter exam you can use to give your students a comprehensive review of the lessons. Feel free to access these resources anytime, using a tablet, smartphone or computer.

11 Lessons in Chapter 1: Numbers & Arithmetic
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How to Count: Lesson for Kids

1. How to Count: Lesson for Kids

In math, counting is one of the first skills you need in order to solve problems. Come and learn about real-life situations that require counting, strategies that you can use to learn to count and how to skip count.

Whole Numbers: Lesson for Kids

2. Whole Numbers: Lesson for Kids

Numbers are everywhere in our world. Learn about whole numbers by completing this math lesson. We'll explore what a whole number is and how we use these types of numbers in our everyday lives.

How to Put Numbers in Order

3. How to Put Numbers in Order

After watching this video lesson, you will know how to order numbers from smallest to largest and from largest to smallest. You will also know how to compare numbers to figure out which goes first and which goes last.

Place Value: Lesson for Kids

4. Place Value: Lesson for Kids

Most of us can count numbers and identify them but do you know how to determine the place and value a number has? Understanding the number of ones, tens, and hundreds a number has are all things that you need to know when writing and building numbers with base ten blocks. In this lesson, you will learn the place a number can hold and value a number has.

Ordering & Comparing Quarters, Halves & More: Lesson for Kids

5. Ordering & Comparing Quarters, Halves & More: Lesson for Kids

A fraction will tell you how much you have out of the whole. But what does that mean? Do you know what a numerator and denominator are? How can you tell which fraction is larger than another fraction? If you are not sure about this, here are your answers!

How to Identify Even & Odd Numbers

6. How to Identify Even & Odd Numbers

In this short lesson, you will learn a bit more about numbers. You will learn what makes a number even, what makes a number odd, and how to identify each.

Putting Together & Taking Apart Whole Numbers: Lesson for Kids

7. Putting Together & Taking Apart Whole Numbers: Lesson for Kids

It is important to know how to put together numbers and take them apart. You may be asked to do this at different times in school, on tests, or in math class. So, here you go!

Addition: Lesson for Kids

8. Addition: Lesson for Kids

In this lesson, we will discuss addition, a basic operation of math. You will learn what addition is, how to set up and work through an addition problem, and how to use regrouping for more complicated addition problems.

Subtraction: Lesson for Kids

9. Subtraction: Lesson for Kids

In this lesson, we'll discuss subtraction and the importance of this mathematical operation. You'll learn the steps of subtraction and learn how to borrow during subtraction. Then, test your knowledge with a short quiz!

What is Multiplication? - Lesson for Kids

10. What is Multiplication? - Lesson for Kids

In this lesson we will unwrap the ~'magic~' of multiplication and apply what we know about adding to multiplying. We will look at times in real life when multiplication will come in handy!

Division Lesson for Kids: Definition & Method

11. Division Lesson for Kids: Definition & Method

Traditionally people believed that they had to know how to multiply before they could divide, but there are more strategies. Strategies such as drawing pictures or using objects, skip counting, and subtracting are all ways we'll look at using in this lesson about division.

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