Ch 2: Numbers Games & Activities for Kids

About This Chapter

Engage your students by utilizing these number activities and games to encourage comprehension and interest in math. The tools included in this teacher resource chapter are accessible 24 hours a day on any smartphone, tablet or computer for convenient access.

Numbers Games & Activities for Kids - Chapter Summary

In this teacher resource chapter, you'll find a series of games and activities designed specifically to help kids learn about numbers in a fun way. We've included lesson plans about ordering and comparing numbers, plus activities about number classification and recognition, as well as hundreds charts and tens and ones. Work on your curriculum at any time that works well for you with help from this mobile-friendly resource.

How It Helps

  • Strengthens understanding: Your students will fully understand the number line when they can interact with these concepts by taking part in engaging activities.
  • Builds confidence: By playing games about number recognition, your classes will more greatly understand these concepts and feel good about moving on to other subjects.
  • Encourages interaction: Working with each other on place value activities, your students will have a chance to build new knowledge while helping one another.

Skills Covered

After finishing this chapter, you should be ready to:

  • Lead your students in number classification activities
  • Teach your classes about comparing numbers using a lesson plan
  • Work with activities about number recognition and number tiles with your students
  • Use a lesson plan on ordering numbers
  • Understand how to use place value activities with your students
  • Reinforce the number line and the hundreds chart using activities
  • Play games about tens and ones with your class

9 Lessons in Chapter 2: Numbers Games & Activities for Kids
Comparing Numbers Lesson Plan

1. Comparing Numbers Lesson Plan

This lesson plan teaches the use of the greater than, less than, and equal signs to compare numbers. The plan includes practice comparing numbers, comparing sums and differences, and creating comparisons from anecdotal information.

Classifying Numbers Activities

2. Classifying Numbers Activities

Are you teaching students how to classify numbers? This lesson contains several activities that will make your number unit fun and engaging for students.

Ordering Numbers Lesson Plan

3. Ordering Numbers Lesson Plan

This lesson plan helps teachers guide their students through the process of ordering whole numbers. Video instruction, individual practice, a worksheet and a collaborative activity help encourage engagement by all learning types.

Place Value Activities for Kids

4. Place Value Activities for Kids

Place value is a basic math principle, but it can be difficult to understand. These activities use games, manipulatives, and physical activity to practice the ones, tens, hundreds, tenths, and hundredths places.

Number Line Activities

5. Number Line Activities

Physically active games along with individual and small group activities help to make these number line activities engaging. Your students will have fun while reinforcing their knowledge of the number line.

Number Tiles Math Activities

6. Number Tiles Math Activities

Using number tiles to actively engage with mathematical concepts helps students solidify their understanding. This asset offers multiple activities to get your students moving while learning using number tiles.

Hundreds Chart Activities

7. Hundreds Chart Activities

Hundreds charts are extremely useful and versatile. There are many ways they can be an aid for student learning. Here are a few ideas to get you started with fun hundreds chart activities.

Tens & Ones Games

8. Tens & Ones Games

Learning about tens and ones is the fundamental step in the understanding of how numbers work. Help your students enjoy their practice with these ideas for tens and ones games.

Number Recognition Games & Activities

9. Number Recognition Games & Activities

Helping kids recognize numbers can be fun and engaging. This lesson provides a variety of interactive activities that will help children learn and recognize numbers.

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