Ch 16: NYSTCE Mathematics: Trigonometry

About This Chapter

Learn about trigonometry in this chapter of the NYSTCE Mathematics exam study guide. Video lesson and self-assessment quizzes teach you all you need to know about mathematics for teacher licensure in New York.

NYSTCE Mathematics: Trigonometry - Chapter Summary

Lessons in this chapter explore trigonometry, including sine and cosine, graphing transformations, and graphing the tangent function. Unit circles, converting between radians and degrees, and power series are also discussed. After completing these lessons, you should better understand:

  • Sine and cosine
  • Graphing sine and cosine transformations
  • Graphing the tangent function
  • Unit circles
  • Converting between radians and degrees
  • Power series
  • Euler's identity

Knowledgeable instructors walk you through each subject using short, engaging video lessons. Self-assessment quizzes ensure your full understanding and retention of the material, and can be printed as worksheets to help you study. Use the jump feature under the Timeline tab to skip directly to main subjects within the video lessons.

8 Lessons in Chapter 16: NYSTCE Mathematics: Trigonometry
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Trigonometry: Sine and Cosine

1. Trigonometry: Sine and Cosine

Learn an easy trick to help you solve trigonometry problems, including problems with sine, cosine and inverse trig functions. At the end of this lesson, you'll know what SohCahToa means and how to use it.

Graphing Sine and Cosine Transformations

2. Graphing Sine and Cosine Transformations

What happens when we take the sine and cosine wave and transform them? They get bigger, smaller, faster and slower. Find out how in this lesson on sine and cosine wave transformations.

Graphing the Tangent Function: Amplitude, Period, Phase Shift & Vertical Shift

3. Graphing the Tangent Function: Amplitude, Period, Phase Shift & Vertical Shift

Take a look at how the graph of a tangent function and how we can transform it by making a few small changes to its equation. This video shows how to graph the original function and explains its transformations.

Unit Circle: Memorizing the First Quadrant

4. Unit Circle: Memorizing the First Quadrant

Memorizing the unit circle can be a daunting task, but this lesson will show you a pattern to help you memorize the points, degree measures, and radian measures for the entire first quadrant.

Using Unit Circles to Relate Right Triangles to Sine & Cosine

5. Using Unit Circles to Relate Right Triangles to Sine & Cosine

The unit circle is a helpful tool for understanding trigonometric concepts. In this lesson, we'll look at right triangles on the unit circle to better grasp sine and cosine.

Converting Between Radians and Degrees

6. Converting Between Radians and Degrees

Angles can be measured in degrees or radians. This lesson will explore the difference and provide you with a simple calculation that can be used to convert degrees into radians and radians into degrees.

Power Series: Formula & Examples

7. Power Series: Formula & Examples

A power series gives us what we call an infinite polynomial on our variable x and can be used to define a wide variety of functions. Learn the definition of power series as well as several examples of functions that can be described by them.

Euler's Identity: Definition & Example

8. Euler's Identity: Definition & Example

Watch this video lesson to learn about Euler's Identity and why it is considered a mathematical jewel. Find out about the person who came up with it and also see an example of it in use.

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