Ch 4: OAE Mathematics: Ratios & Proportions

About This Chapter

If you're preparing to sit for the OAE Mathematics exam, check out this chapter's video lessons on rates, ratios, proportions and scale factors. Self-checking quizzes are also included to get you extra practice solving these types of problems.

OAE Mathematics: Ratios & Proportions - Chapter Summary

Hone your ability to calculate constant and average rates, apply scale factors to geometric shapes and solve proportion problems with this chapter's lessons. The videos and quizzes included here can get you ready for OAE Mathematics questions on the following topics:

  • Ratios
  • Rates
  • Proportions
  • Scale factors

This chapter includes resources for individuals who need a thorough review of ratio and proportion topics as well as individuals who just want to try their hand at solving sample problems. The video lessons and transcripts are completely self-paced, and the multiple-choice quizzes can be taken as many times as you need.

OAE Mathematics: Ratios & Proportions Chapter Objectives

Applicants for a math teacher license in Ohio may need to pass the OAE Mathematics exam. This computer-based test includes 150 multiple-choice questions, around 19% of which focus on mathematical processes and number sense topics. It's in this test section where you'll demonstrate your understanding of the comparison measures covered in our ratios and proportions chapter.

5 Lessons in Chapter 4: OAE Mathematics: Ratios & Proportions
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Ratios & Rates: Definitions & Examples

1. Ratios & Rates: Definitions & Examples

If we have two items, or two numbers, and we want to compare them, what language can we use? How do we write the comparison? Find out as we learn about ratios and rates in this lesson.

Finding Constant and Average Rates

2. Finding Constant and Average Rates

Watch this video lesson to learn the differences between constant and average rates. You will learn the steps you need to take to find them and get two great visuals you can keep in mind to help you solve these rate problems.

Proportion: Definition, Application & Examples

3. Proportion: Definition, Application & Examples

When we want to compare one ratio, or fraction, to another equivalent ratio, it's a proportion. Learn all about proportions and practice solving proportion problems in this lesson.

Calculations with Ratios and Proportions

4. Calculations with Ratios and Proportions

Even if only 99 out of 100 people need to know how to work with ratios, the odds that they'll be useful to you are very high. In this lesson, we'll practice performing calculations with ratios and proportions.

Applying Scale Factors to Perimeter, Area, and Volume of Similar Figures

5. Applying Scale Factors to Perimeter, Area, and Volume of Similar Figures

How do shapes change sizes yet retain their proportions and similarities to other shapes? In this lesson, we'll look at what a scale factor is and how to apply it. We'll consider scale factors with regards to three different aspects of similar shapes: perimeter, area and volume.

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