Ch 3: Oedipus Rex Characters

About This Chapter

The ''Oedipus Rex'' Characters chapter of this ''Oedipus Rex'' Study Guide course is the most efficient way to explore the characters who populate this play. This chapter uses simple and fun videos that are about five minutes long, plus includes lesson quizzes and a chapter exam to ensure you understand the people at the heart of the play.

Who's It For?

Anyone who needs help learning about the characters within Oedipus Rex will benefit from the lessons in this chapter. There is no faster or easier way to review traits of the play's characters. Among those who would benefit are:

  • Students who want to learn a broad topic in a short amount of time
  • Students who are looking for easy ways to identify the most important information on the topic
  • Students who have fallen behind in their analyzing of the characters in Oedipus Rex
  • Students who prefer multiple ways of learning literature (visual or auditory)
  • Students who have missed class time and need to catch up
  • Students who have limited time to study for an upcoming exam

How It Works:

  • Complete each lesson in the chapter to review all key topics.
  • Refer to the lesson to reinforce your learning.
  • Test your understanding of each lesson with a short quiz.
  • Complete your review with the Oedipus Rex Characters practice exam.

Why It Works:

  • Study Efficiently: The lessons in this chapter cover only information you need to know.
  • Retain What You Learn: Engaging instruction make topics easy to grasp.
  • Be Ready on Test Day: Take the Oedipus Rex Characters practice exam to make sure you're prepared.
  • Get Extra Support: Ask our subject-matter experts any literature question. They're here to help!
  • Study With Flexibility: View lessons on any web-ready device.

Students Will Review:

This chapter summarizes the material students need to know about the characters of Oedipus Rex for a standard literature course. Topics covered include:

  • Overall analysis of the book's characters
  • Oedipus' role as a tragic hero
  • Who Tiresias and Creon are in Oedipus Rex
  • The role of Polybus and the Chorus in the play
  • Oedipus' mother, father, and children
  • Analyzing the character of Antigone
  • Examining the Oracle at Delphi

12 Lessons in Chapter 3: Oedipus Rex Characters
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Tiresias in Oedipus Rex

1. Tiresias in Oedipus Rex

Tiresias is a character in 'Oedipus Rex', a blind prophet who prophesies that King Oedipus is Laius's killer and that one day King Oedipus will be dressed in rags, blind, and wandering in exile.

Polybus in Oedipus Rex

2. Polybus in Oedipus Rex

Though he doesn't actually appear in the play, Polybus, king of Corinth and Oedipus' adoptive father, plays an important role in the play, as Oedipus' confusion over his father leads to tragic outcomes.

Who is Creon in Oedipus Rex?

3. Who is Creon in Oedipus Rex?

In this lesson, we learn who Creon is in Sophocles' Oedipus Rex by analyzing his characterization and comparing it to Oedipus. We look at his primary role in the story.

The Chorus in Oedipus Rex

4. The Chorus in Oedipus Rex

'Oedipus Rex' is a Greek tragedy by Sophocles about Oedipus, the king of Thebes, who kills his father and marries his mother. In the play, the chorus plays an important part in narrating the story, and this lesson discusses its role.

Who was Oedipus' Father?

5. Who was Oedipus' Father?

In ''Oedipus Rex,'' Oedipus' father, Laius, never appears, having been killed before the play begins. But his murder hangs over the play and leads to Oedipus' downfall.

Who was Oedipus' Mother?

6. Who was Oedipus' Mother?

In this lesson, you'll learn about the character and characterization of Jocasta, a figure in Greek mythology who was both mother and wife of Oedipus, King of Thebes, and is mostly remembered for that fact.

Who were Oedipus' Children?

7. Who were Oedipus' Children?

All four of Oedipus's children are mentioned in the three Oedipus plays by Sophocles, but only his daughters play any sort of prominent role as the two brothers battle behind the scenes for the throne that their father vacated.

Antigone Character Traits and Analysis

8. Antigone Character Traits and Analysis

Women were rarely talked about as a symbol of power in ancient Greece, but Antigone changes that paradigm by standing up for what she believes. In this lesson we'll analyze her personality traits as they connect to the play 'Antigone' and Greek culture.

The Oracle at Delphi in Oedipus Rex

9. The Oracle at Delphi in Oedipus Rex

In this lesson, we explore the Oracle at Delphi, one of the most important figures in ancient Greece, and discover the important and unique role she played in the Greek tragedy, Oedipus Rex.

Oedipus Rex: Character Analysis

10. Oedipus Rex: Character Analysis

Oedipus is a great ruler, but he has a major flaw that, sadly, he'll never overcome. Learn more about the title character of the play 'Oedipus Rex', also known as 'Oedipus the King'.

How Is Oedipus a Tragic Hero?

11. How Is Oedipus a Tragic Hero?

Sophocles' 'Oedipus Rex' was called the greatest example of tragedy by Aristotle. Later critics, building on Aristotle's ideas, would hold up Oedipus as the best example of the tragic hero, a great man brought low by an error in judgement.

Oedipus Rex Character List & Flashcards

Oedipus Rex Character List & Flashcards

This set of flashcards introduces the main characters of Sophocles' greatest work, 'Oedipus Rex'. Additionally, each card presents the pronunciation of the character.

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