Ch 38: Oklahoma's Culture, History & Geography

About This Chapter

In this chapter, you'll find information on important past events that took place in Oklahoma, and you'll study its geographical makeup. Several lessons outline these facts, and you can take the lessons' self-assessment quizzes for good measure.

Oklahoma's Culture, History and Geography - Chapter Summary

Look to this chapter in order to learn all about the origins of Oklahoma. Study its culture, politics and geography as you work towards becoming an expert on the subject. When you watch any of the chapter's video lessons or read its corresponding written transcripts, you could explore the state's climate, examine the details of major movements or discover the historical contributions of some of Oklahoma's key leaders. By the time you finish the chapter, you could:

  • Discuss the ways in which Oklahoma's climate and geography influenced historical events
  • Identify Native American tribes of Oklahoma
  • Discuss Oklahoma's culture and political climate
  • Learn about the lives of Kate Barnard, William Murray and other significant Oklahomans
  • Explore key sectors of the state's economy, including timber and tourism
  • Describe tensions that resulted from the Jim Crow laws and the Tulsa Race Riots during the Post-Civil War era

When you use these teacher-delivered lessons to revisit the above topics, you'll have the opportunity to solidify your knowledge of some famous events or get access to facts that you never knew. Watch the videos repeatedly and take as long as you like to complete this self-paced form of study. The reflective text transcripts can also be explored at your leisure. They include bold keywords that are pertinent to the overall content. You can test your knowledge of what was presented by taking the five-question quizzes that are included in each lesson. In fact, these quiz results can be printed onto paper and referred to daily.

6 Lessons in Chapter 38: Oklahoma's Culture, History & Geography
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How Geography & Climate Impacted Oklahoma's History

1. How Geography & Climate Impacted Oklahoma's History

Oklahoma has long been defined by its land and weather. In this lesson, we're going to go through Oklahoma's history and explore some of the major impacts of geography and climate on the state's development over time.

The Influence of American Indians on Oklahoma

2. The Influence of American Indians on Oklahoma

Most of current day Oklahoma was once 'Indian Territory'. The Five Civilized Tribes were removed to this area, with portions of land later opened for other tribes and settlers. This lesson explores the influence of American Indians on Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Politics & Culture After Statehood

3. Oklahoma Politics & Culture After Statehood

Oklahoma has not been a state as long as some, but it's been active in nearly every major movement of the 20th century. In this lesson, we'll examine this history and see how Oklahoma developed after statehood.

Significant Figures in Oklahoma's History

4. Significant Figures in Oklahoma's History

Oklahoma has a unique history. It's been home to several colorful political figures throughout its growth. This lesson explores some of the significant figures in Oklahoma's history, including Kate Barnard, William H. Murray and Robert S. Kerr.

Key Sectors of the Oklahoma Economy

5. Key Sectors of the Oklahoma Economy

Oklahoma is an important state and plays a major role in the national economy. In this lesson, we will look at the economic sectors that keep Oklahoma in that position.

Movement Patterns & Conflicts in Post-Civil War America

6. Movement Patterns & Conflicts in Post-Civil War America

In this lesson we will examine societal patterns in the United States following the Civil War. We will identify patterns of racial tension, migration, settlement, and analyze their significance.

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