Ch 6: Order Cetartiodactyla

About This Chapter

Boost your confidence ahead of a test or just get caught up in class by reviewing our fun chapter on the order Cetartiodactyla. Before or after viewing these lessons, take the multiple-choice quizzes to see if you're ready for test day or to get ready to complete a class project or assignment.

Order Cetartiodactyla - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, you'll review the animals that make up the order Cetartiodactyla, including the dolphin and the hippopotamus. You'll explore animals' habitats, life cycles and lifespans. You're welcome to study at whatever time works best for you with these mobile-friendly and self-paced lessons. Each lesson is followed by a short quiz that helps test your understanding. If you get confused anywhere along the way in the chapter, reach out to an instructor for help. These lessons are designed to help you:

  • Describe the life and mating cycles of the dolphin
  • List some of the different types and species of dolphins
  • Explain what the hippopotamus eats and where its habitat is
  • Detail the gestation period of the hippopotamus
  • Give some facts about the pygmy hippopotamus

7 Lessons in Chapter 6: Order Cetartiodactyla
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Dolphins: Life Cycle, Anatomy & Habitat

1. Dolphins: Life Cycle, Anatomy & Habitat

Dolphins make up an informal grouping of animals within the order Cetartiodactyla. In this lesson we'll explore where dolphins live, what they look like and the major events of a dolphin's life cycle.

Dolphin Mating & Reproduction

2. Dolphin Mating & Reproduction

Dolphins may seem cute and cuddly, but dolphin mating and reproduction is a different story. This lesson explores the basics of dolphin mating and reproduction, and delves into some little-known facts of dolphin mating.

Types & Species of Dolphins

3. Types & Species of Dolphins

Dolphins are some of the most recognized marine mammals in the sea. It is a unique group, with a wide variety of appearances and habitats. Read on to learn more about the many different species of dolphin.

Hippopotamus: Definition, Diet, Teeth & Facts

4. Hippopotamus: Definition, Diet, Teeth & Facts

In this lesson we'll be learning about an aquatic giant, the hippopotamus. Here, we'll cover what it likes to eat, its unique dental structure and interesting facts about its lifestyle.

Hippopotamus: Habitat, Lifespan & Adaptation

5. Hippopotamus: Habitat, Lifespan & Adaptation

What do you know about the hippopotamus? In this lesson, we'll discuss this interesting animal and by looking at its habitat, social life, and unique adaptations it has for its environment, you will be more familiar with this massive animal!

Hippopotamus Mating & Gestation Period

6. Hippopotamus Mating & Gestation Period

Cute and cuddly? I think not! The hippo is a strange mammal, with even stranger mating habits. This lesson will examine the mating behavior and gestation period for this large, plant-eating mammal.

Pygmy Hippopotamus: Habitat & Facts

7. Pygmy Hippopotamus: Habitat & Facts

In this lesson, you'll learn about the pygmy hippopotamus, a distinct species from the common hippo. You will learn about their habitat, as well as some interesting facts.

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