Ch 34: ORELA General Science: The Circulatory System

About This Chapter

If you're feeling a little unprepared to take the ORELA General Science test, the video lessons and quizzes in this chapter will have you ready to ace test questions about the circulatory system.

ORELA General Science: The Circulatory System - Chapter Summary

Let us help you review for the ORELA General Science exam. This chapter on the circulatory system contains video lessons created by our expert instructors with you in mind. The lessons discuss the following:

  • Types of circulatory systems
  • Review of the human vascular system
  • Structure and function of the heart
  • Red blood cells
  • Hemoglobin

You can watch the lessons as many times as you need, and they're brief enough to squeeze in throughout your busy day. Each is followed by a short, multiple-choice quiz so you can identify any weak areas and boost your confidence. You'll be ready in no time for any test questions about the circulatory system. We know you want to be as prepared as possible!

ORELA General Science: The Circulatory System - Chapter Objectives

The ORELA General Science test is a computer-based test of 150 multiple choice questions. You'll be given three hours to complete it. The test is subdivided into four main sections.

The Life Science Section constitutes about 25% of the test and is where you'll most likely find circulatory system questions. This section of the exam assesses understanding of cell structure and function, as well as classification and characteristics at the organism level to include how organisms use and store energy, maintain homeostasis and fight pathogens and disease. The circulatory system is a vital part of all of these functions. The Life Science section of the test also seeks to specifically assess knowledge of human body systems, such as the circulatory system, in terms of structure and function. Our lesson topics correlate with these test objectives, and our short quizzes help you get used to the format of the questions you'll find on the test.

5 Lessons in Chapter 34: ORELA General Science: The Circulatory System
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Circulatory System I: Types of Circulatory Systems

1. Circulatory System I: Types of Circulatory Systems

From cnidarians to humans, all animals need a circulatory system to absorb nutrients and get rid of waste. Find out why different kinds of animals have different systems, and see what a closed circulatory system and indoor plumbing have in common.

Circulatory System II: The Human Vascular System

2. Circulatory System II: The Human Vascular System

In this lesson, learn all about the operation of the human vascular system. What are the different types of blood vessels? How does blood flow through the human body? How does the system adapt to your body changing?

Circulatory System III: The Heart

3. Circulatory System III: The Heart

What purpose does the heart serve? And how do different types of hearts function? In this lesson, you'll learn about two, three and four-chambered hearts.

Circulatory System IV: Red Blood Cells

4. Circulatory System IV: Red Blood Cells

Why don't mature red blood cells have nuclei or mitochondria, and how do these guys squeeze through capillaries? While learning about the brief but glorious lives of red blood cells, you'll also see which characteristics help them transport oxygen and carbon dioxide to other cells.

Circulatory System V: Hemoglobin

5. Circulatory System V: Hemoglobin

Did you ever wonder how red blood cells can store enough oxygen to supply the entire human body? Join us in this lesson on hemoglobin to learn why red blood cells are so good at transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide. This lesson will make you see red (as well as blue and purple-maroon)!

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