Ch 14: Organic Compounds in Chemistry

About This Chapter

In this overview of organic compounds in chemistry, learn about topics like vital force theory and classification of organic compounds. You can use these video lessons to prepare for a test or supplement class materials.

Organic Compounds in Chemistry - Chapter Summary

This chapter includes lessons on organic compounds in chemistry. There are informative discussions of organic compounds that include physical properties and chemical nomenclature. After completing the chapter, you should be prepared to:

  • Discuss types and groups of simple organic compounds in chemistry
  • Define vital force theory
  • Understand chemical and physical properties of organic compounds
  • Describe chemical nomenclature of organic compounds
  • Explain classification and estimation of organic compounds

We use short and engaging video lessons, which helps you to easily understand the information presented. Our expert instructors employ an informative teaching style, using plenty of real-world examples. The video timelines help you navigate the videos and jump straight to the topics that are of greatest interest to you. Full video transcripts are also available for you to review. Each lesson includes a brief multiple-choice quiz to assess your knowledge of the topics covered.

7 Lessons in Chapter 14: Organic Compounds in Chemistry
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What are Simple Organic Compounds in Chemistry? - Types, Groups & Examples

1. What are Simple Organic Compounds in Chemistry? - Types, Groups & Examples

We are going to learn about some of the simple organic compounds that exist in our world. This lesson covers the types, groups and general formulas of simple organic compounds.

Vital Force Theory: Definition & Principles

2. Vital Force Theory: Definition & Principles

There have been several scientific theories throughout the centuries, many of which were proven false. One of these theories was the vital force theory, which we will learn about in this lesson.

Chemical Properties of Organic Compounds

3. Chemical Properties of Organic Compounds

What do combustion, halogenation, and the addition reaction have in common? They are all examples of chemical properties of organic compounds. Continue reading to learn about the chemical properties of organic compounds, identifying the most common ones.

Physical Properties of Organic Compounds

4. Physical Properties of Organic Compounds

A wide variety of organic compounds exist. The ability to learn about a compound by knowing its physical property is very useful. Explore what a physical property is and the different types for organic compounds.

Chemical Nomenclature for Organic Compounds

5. Chemical Nomenclature for Organic Compounds

In this lesson, we will learn how to name organic compounds using chemical nomenclature. We will learn how knowing the name of a compound also helps us know the structure of the compound.

Classification of Organic Compounds

6. Classification of Organic Compounds

This lesson discusses the classification of organic compounds including hydrocarbons, open chain molecules, closed chain compounds, homocyclic compounds, heterocyclic compounds, aromatic molecules, alicyclic compounds, and homologous series.

Estimation of Organic Compounds

7. Estimation of Organic Compounds

The learning objective of this lesson will be how to estimate the relative amounts of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, the halogens, sulfur, and phosphorus within an organic compound.

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