Ch 3: Organizational Structures & Governance

About This Chapter

This chapter goes over organizational structures and governance and their significance to portfolio management. You'll learn about various forms of structure and models of governance while reviewing related considerations, processes and examples.

Organizational Structures & Governance - Chapter Summary

This chapter looks at various organizational structures and the components of governance. The lessons within discuss the policies associated with different governance models and what distinguishes different organizational structures, also looking at relevant procedures, methods and considerations of portfolio management. By the end of the chapter you'll have reviewed all of the following:

  • The three elements of organizational strategy
  • Setting standards of portfolio management
  • Managing and modifying portfolio processes
  • Crafting a portfolio management plan
  • Interacting with personnel regarding portfolio decisions

The practice quizzes accompanying these lessons can help you make sure you've processed each chapter correctly before moving on. These practice quizzes can be accessed and returned to at any time and are also printable in worksheet form for offline use. And if you're feeling lost at any point, you can always ask questions of our professional instructors.

7 Lessons in Chapter 3: Organizational Structures & Governance
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Strategy and Organizational Structure

1. Strategy and Organizational Structure

In this lesson you will learn the three different elements to organizational strategy and which organizational structures work best for each of these elements.

Organizational Structure: Vertical, Horizontal, Enterprise & Functional

2. Organizational Structure: Vertical, Horizontal, Enterprise & Functional

When a small business starts to expand, it has to be organized into a structure. The choice of structure will have a huge impact upon the success of the business. This lesson looks at the various organizational structures, their strengths and weaknesses, and how each structure may affect the strategy of the organization.

Governance Models: Structure, Policies & Roles

3. Governance Models: Structure, Policies & Roles

Have you ever wanted to create your own company? Imagine you have invented a new piece of technology and you have just created your own company and are ready to go public with it on the stock market. You have so many new investors and staff that you can barely keep up. To deal with this you need to create corporate governance to make your start-up and great success.

Establishing Portfolio Management Standards

4. Establishing Portfolio Management Standards

Portfolios have the potential to impact an organization in a significant way. This lesson outlines how company leadership can develop and practice proven ways of maintaining a high-quality portfolio.

How to Manage & Modify Portfolio Processes

5. How to Manage & Modify Portfolio Processes

Managing a portfolio is a complex task, and the consequences of mistakes are high. This lesson details several portfolio management processes that should be used to prevent problems and maximize success.

Creating a Portfolio Management Plan: Criteria & Examples

6. Creating a Portfolio Management Plan: Criteria & Examples

In this lesson we will learn to create a portfolio management plan that addresses governance model, key performance indicators and escalation procedures.

Communicating With Key Personnel About Portfolio Decisions

7. Communicating With Key Personnel About Portfolio Decisions

Communication is a critical component of project portfolio management. In this lesson, you will learn strategies for communicating to key personnel and obtaining approval for decision points. We will also discuss the importance of the approval process.

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