Ch 46: Origins of Life

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You can prepare for a test that covers the origins of life using entertaining lessons, short quizzes and other study resources. This self-paced chapter can effectively boost your knowledge and ensure you're ready for the day of your test.

Origins of Life - Chapter Summary

Expert instructors in this informative chapter offer a comprehensive overview of the origins of life. Study bite-sized lessons to gain greater insight into the evolutionary timeline, symbiotic relationships and the stages of human evolution. By the end of this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Describe the timeline for the Proterozoic Eon
  • List major plants and animal groups of the Mesozoic Era
  • Discuss the animals and geography of the Cenozoic Era
  • Define and share the timeline and important events of the Paleozoic Era
  • Explain the theory and model of primordial soup
  • Detail how the ape line and human line diverged

Review one, several or all lessons in this chapter in any sequence and whenever you'd like to refresh or expand your knowledge of the origins of life. Any questions you have while studying these lessons can be submitted to our experts using the Dashboard. When ready, check your comprehension of this chapter by taking our mini-quizzes and practice exam. These resources are accessible 24/7 via any computer, smartphone or tablet.

6 Lessons in Chapter 46: Origins of Life
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Proterozoic Eon: Timeline & Facts

1. Proterozoic Eon: Timeline & Facts

The Proterozoic eon was the last of the three eons during the Precambrian supereon. This lesson will cover the unique events that shaped this time period and will also allow you to take a quiz.

The Mesozoic Era: Plants & Animals

2. The Mesozoic Era: Plants & Animals

The Mesozoic Era is characterized by the evolution of many species and marked by two major extinction events at the beginning and end. We will investigate major plant and animal groups that emerged during the Mesozoic Era. The lesson is followed by a brief quiz.

The Cenozoic Era: Animals & Geography

3. The Cenozoic Era: Animals & Geography

How much do you know about the earth's history? This lesson will explore the most recent era, or Cenozoic, focusing on some of the animals that roamed the land, as well as where the continents were located.

The Paleozoic Era: Definition, Timeline & Events

4. The Paleozoic Era: Definition, Timeline & Events

The Paleozoic Era spans almost 200 million years from 542 to 251 million years ago. It is defined by great explosion of life at the beginning of the era and ends with the largest mass extinction in the history of our planet. This lesson will cover the important features of Paleozoic Era.

Primordial Soup: Theory & Model

5. Primordial Soup: Theory & Model

Curious where life came from on our planet? Learn about the Primordial Soup and the scientific studies that provide vital insight into the origin of life!

The Divergence in Ape & Human Evolution

6. The Divergence in Ape & Human Evolution

Have you ever wondered what human ancestors looked like? This lesson will take you on a journey from early human relatives to the present day Homo sapiens.

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