Ch 17: Osteoporosis

About This Chapter

This chapter takes an in-depth look at the condition of osteoporosis, detailing its signs as well as the effect of its presence once diagnosed. These lessons can help you better understand the symptoms and treatment of osteoporosis as a supplement to classwork, to prepare for a test, or for personal learning.

Osteoporosis - Chapter Summary

This chapter fleshes out various aspects of osteoporosis. Through simple-to-follow lessons, you'll review the typical prognosis of the condition, the symptoms that usually accompany it, as well as how an awareness of it can aid those who may be at risk. You'll also look at related conditions and examine how they can differ from osteoporosis. By the time you finish the chapter, you'll have bolstered your comprehension of:

  • How osteoporosis is diagnosed
  • Signs of osteoporosis
  • Risk factors for osteoporosis and ways to prevent it
  • How to differentiate between osteoporosis and osteopenia
  • The distinguishing traits of osteoarthritis
  • What sets osteomalacia apart from osteoporosis

6 Lessons in Chapter 17: Osteoporosis
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Osteoporosis: Diagnosis & Prognosis

1. Osteoporosis: Diagnosis & Prognosis

Some disorders are able to hide from us until they give us a very painful sign, like a fracture. This includes osteoporosis. Find out how this disorder is diagnosed other than through fractures and what its prognosis is.

Symptoms of Osteoporosis

2. Symptoms of Osteoporosis

This lesson will teach you about the word-part definition of osteoporosis before quickly moving on to describing and defining the various signs and symptoms associated with this condition and why they occur.

Osteoporosis: Risk Factors & Prevention

3. Osteoporosis: Risk Factors & Prevention

Osteoporosis poses a big risk to a person's quality and even quantity of life. It turns out that there are also many risk factors for this disorder. This lesson tells you what they are and which ones can and cannot be controlled.

Osteoporosis vs. Osteopenia

4. Osteoporosis vs. Osteopenia

You may have heard of osteoporosis many times, but not know what it is. We are going to go over the basics of this condition and compare it to osteopenia to see how these two are similar and different.

Osteoporosis vs. Osteoarthritis

5. Osteoporosis vs. Osteoarthritis

You hear the names of different bone conditions and diseases all the time. We are going to get a clear understanding of the similarities and differences between two of the most common bone diseases. We will discuss osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Osteoporosis vs. Osteomalacia

6. Osteoporosis vs. Osteomalacia

It's easy to be confused by two conditions that have similar features. This lesson briefly teaches you about osteoporosis and osteomalacia, explaining the major difference between the two conditions.

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