Ch 36: Overview of Atmosphere, Weather & Climate

About This Chapter

In this science chapter, you'll review the elements of weather, climate and atmosphere. Use your computer or mobile device to study our fun video lessons and increase your science knowledge for any test preparation, homework help or casual learning need.

Overview of Atmosphere, Weather & Climate - Chapter Summary

For an overview of atmosphere, weather and climate concepts, check out this comprehensive science chapter. The chapter consists of short video lessons that discuss weather types, climate distributions, weather prediction methods, atmospheric components and much more. Upon completion of the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Outline the atmosphere's major components and structure
  • Differentiate between weather and climate
  • Compare types of weather
  • Recognize tools that are used to predict weather
  • Identify climate classifications
  • Recognize the global distribution of climates
  • Evaluate past climates and the current climate change

When you're finished with each lesson, try the accompanying self-assessment quiz to help retain the information. You can print the lesson transcripts for offline reference, and you'll be able to review the chapter's resources whenever you have free time in your schedule. The chapter also includes a progress-tracking dashboard and a convenient Ask the Expert feature that you can use if you have any questions about atmosphere, weather and climate.

7 Lessons in Chapter 36: Overview of Atmosphere, Weather & Climate
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Major Components of the Atmosphere

1. Major Components of the Atmosphere

Our atmosphere is a complex mixture of many different gases. In this video lesson you will identify the major components of Earth's atmosphere as well as how much there is of each.

The Structure of the Atmosphere

2. The Structure of the Atmosphere

If you've ever climbed a mountain or been to the beach, you know that the atmosphere is different at different levels. This lesson explains how the structure of the atmosphere is really like a layer cake.

Weather vs. Climate: Definition, Differences & Effects

3. Weather vs. Climate: Definition, Differences & Effects

This video lesson will guide you in understanding the difference between climate and weather. Discover how they are different but related and how they are the ways you can describe atmospheric conditions on Earth.

Weather: Definition & Types

4. Weather: Definition & Types

Talk about weather is everywhere: on the news, in the papers, and in almost every conversation. What causes it all, though? In this lesson, we will define weather, take a look at the different types, and learn what causes weather changes to take place.

Predicting the Weather: Tools, Maps & Symbols

5. Predicting the Weather: Tools, Maps & Symbols

How do weather forecasters predict the weather? What tools are used? When you look at a weather map, what do all the symbols mean? Learn about predicting and mapping the weather in this lesson.

Climate Classifications & Their Global Distribution

6. Climate Classifications & Their Global Distribution

Earth has many climates, but we can categorize them based on common characteristics. In this video lesson you will identify the 5 major climate classifications on Earth, as well as where on Earth these climates are found.

Past Climates & Climate Change

7. Past Climates & Climate Change

Climate change is a big topic nowadays, but why? In this lesson, we are going to explore the changing climate throughout Earth's history and see why the current change is such a big deal.

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