Ch 3: Overview of Benzodiazepine Drugs

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This chapter helps pharmacology students and professionals review foundational information about benzodiazepine drugs. Use the chapter's lessons and self-assessments as continuing education, test preparation, skill development or training resources.

Overview of Benzodiazepine Drugs - Chapter Summary

Strengthen your understanding of benzodiazepine drugs with this mobile-friendly pharmacology chapter. Inside, you'll find short and engaging lessons that explore various benzodiazepine drugs, including alprazolam, clonazepam, lorazepam, diazepam and oxazepam.

When you're finished with each lesson, try the accompanying self-assessment quiz to make sure you fully understand important definitions and concepts. If you have any questions, our instructors will be happy to help you out. To make your studying experience flexible and easy, we've made the chapter available at any time of day or night and accessible from any computer or mobile device.

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You can use this chapter's lessons and quizzes to prepare for an exam, supplement a training or continuing education program, get ahead in a class or simply improve your pharmacology knowledge. The chapter can help students, pharmacologists, healthcare professionals and casual learners.

Skills Covered

When you're finished with the chapter, you'll be able to:

  • Evaluate alprazolam in terms of its classification, ingredients, pharmacology, uses, side effects, etc.
  • Compare alprazolam with other drugs, including clonazepam, lorazepam, diazepam, escitalopram, oxazepam and temazepam
  • Describe the withdrawal symptoms of alprazolam and lorazepam
  • Assess lorazepam's side effects, toxicity, mechanism of action, chemical structure, contraindications and phamacokinetics
  • Compare lorazepam with clonazepam, diazepam and triazolam

12 Lessons in Chapter 3: Overview of Benzodiazepine Drugs
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Types of Benzodiazepines

1. Types of Benzodiazepines

In this lesson, we'll be going over different types of benzodiazepines. We'll learn about the specific uses for each type as well as potential side effects.

Alprazolam: Definition, Classification & Ingredients

2. Alprazolam: Definition, Classification & Ingredients

In this lesson, you're going to learn about a medication called alprazolam. You'll find out what its major uses are, what its famous brand name is, and what ingredients comprise it.

Alprazolam: Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacology

3. Alprazolam: Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacology

It is really important for anyone involved with medicine in the healthcare field to understand what they are working with. Two specific aspects of a medication are its pharmacology and pharmacokinetics. In this lesson, we will learn about the pharmacology and pharmacokinetics of Alprazolam.

Alprazolam: Dosage, Uses, Side Effects & Toxicity

4. Alprazolam: Dosage, Uses, Side Effects & Toxicity

Alprazolam is a medication used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. In this lesson you will learn more about the uses, dosage, side effects and possible toxicity of alprazolam.

Alprazolam: Contraindications & Interactions

5. Alprazolam: Contraindications & Interactions

This lesson is going to briefly define alprazolam and its main uses. Then, you'll learn about scenarios where it shouldn't be used and about a few example drug interactions involving this medication.

Clonazepam vs. Alprazolam

6. Clonazepam vs. Alprazolam

This lesson will discuss 2 benzodiazepines: clonazepam (Klonopin) and alprazolam (Xanax). We will talk about why both medications are used, comparing and contrasting how they work, effectiveness, side effects, and safety.

Alprazolam: Withdrawal Symptoms & Overdose Treatment

7. Alprazolam: Withdrawal Symptoms & Overdose Treatment

Alprazolam, or Xanax, is a widely prescribed medication for anxiety. When not taken as prescribed, alprazolam can cause life threatening withdrawal symptoms and requires specific overdose treatment.

Diazepam vs. Alprazolam

8. Diazepam vs. Alprazolam

This lesson is going to go over some of the many similarities and differences between diazepam and alprazolam. You'll learn what they're used for, if they have different side effects, and what special precautions should be taken.

Escitalopram vs. Alprazolam

9. Escitalopram vs. Alprazolam

This lesson is going to compare and contrast many of the similarities and differences between escitalopram and alprazolam. You'll compare their indications, adverse effects, and much more.

Oxazepam vs. Alprazolam

10. Oxazepam vs. Alprazolam

This lesson compares and contrasts some of the many facets of oxazepam and alprazolam. You'll learn what special considerations should be given to each drug, what drug class they belong to, and much more.

Temazepam vs. Alprazolam

11. Temazepam vs. Alprazolam

This lesson is going to compare two medications called temazepam and alprazolam. You'll learn about their drug class, the differences among their adverse reactions and much more.

Clonazepam vs. Lorazepam

12. Clonazepam vs. Lorazepam

This lesson compares and contrasts numerous different aspects of two drugs called clonazepam and lorazepam. You'll learn what they do, what adverse effects are more likely in one vs. the other, and much more.

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