Ch 7: Overview of Cell Biology

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12 Lessons in Chapter 7: Overview of Cell Biology
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Semipermeable Membranes' Role in Cell Communication

1. Semipermeable Membranes' Role in Cell Communication

Your body is made up of cells, which depend on signals from other cells in order to function properly. Believe it or not, the cell membrane is one of the most important players in this communication, ensuring that messages are received and decoded properly.

Nuclear Envelope: Definition, Function & Structure

2. Nuclear Envelope: Definition, Function & Structure

The nuclei of eukaryotic cells are separated from the cytosol by the nuclear envelope. In this lesson, we explore the structure of the nuclear envelope and the functions it performs in cells.

Double Fertilization in Angiosperms: Definition & Process

3. Double Fertilization in Angiosperms: Definition & Process

You may already know that fertilization is when an egg and sperm cell fuse to create a new individual, but do you know what double fertilization is? It is a process that is unique to angiosperms, and you can learn about it in this lesson.

Extracellular: Definition & Structures

4. Extracellular: Definition & Structures

Extracellular isn't just a way to refer to the outside of the cell: there's a whole lot going on out there that has to do with the growth, work, and ultimately the survival of the cell -- the tiniest part of life.

Methionine: Structure, Production & Benefits

5. Methionine: Structure, Production & Benefits

Have you ever heard of the amino acid methionine? In this lesson you will learn about the structure, production and benefits of methionine. After learning about methionine, you can check your understanding by taking a quiz.

Microfilaments: Definition, Function & Structure

6. Microfilaments: Definition, Function & Structure

Microfilaments are present in all cells that we encounter. They allow for movement, structure, and transportation across a cell. These filaments are important in each type of cell - we will go into greater detail in this lesson.

Stroma Cells: Definition & Function

7. Stroma Cells: Definition & Function

There are many different types of tissue found in animals. One such tissue, stroma, are very basic yet essential to our survival. These stroma cells help our internal organs and allow us to live and function. We will talk about these here.

Do Animal Cells Have a Cell Membrane

8. Do Animal Cells Have a Cell Membrane

What are cell membranes and what do they do? Better yet, do animal cells even have them? This lesson answers those questions through an investigation into cell membranes. A lesson summary and brief quiz are included.

Adherent & Suspension Cell Cultures

9. Adherent & Suspension Cell Cultures

One cell likes to anchor itself to the surface, while another enjoys free-floating in solution. Use this lesson to learn about two basic cell types encountered in cell culture: adherent and suspension cell cultures.

Lysosome: Definition & Function

10. Lysosome: Definition & Function

Lysosomes are organelles found inside all cells. In this lesson, you will learn about the structure and function of lysosomes to gain a better understanding of them.

Prions: Definition & Examples

11. Prions: Definition & Examples

In this lesson, discover the real life, disease-causing yet non-living prions. We will discuss their interesting history and their real life dangers, as well as the different types of diseases caused by prions.

Transformed Cells: Definition & Characteristics

12. Transformed Cells: Definition & Characteristics

In this lesson, we'll explore the process of transformation of cells. Keep reading to find out what transformation is, how it was discovered, and how it can potentially be used in gene therapy. After the lesson, take a short quiz to see what you've learned.

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