Ch 14: Overview of Correction Facilities

About This Chapter

Take a look at this criminal justice chapter to review the basics of correction facilities. Available 24/7, these fun lessons and quizzes can help you improve your correction facility knowledge for upcoming exams, homework assignments, essays and more.

Overview of Correction Facilities - Chapter Summary

Get an overview of different types of correction facilities with this series of criminal justice lessons. As you work through the chapter, you'll examine the history, characteristics and purposes of jails, prisons, juvenile detention centers and more. Following each lesson is a short quiz to help you solidify your understanding of these correction facility concepts. The chapter concludes with a comprehensive exam, and if you have any questions about the material, simply submit them to our instructors online. The chapter is also available at any time of day or night, which enables you to study whenever you have spare time. Reviewing this chapter will help you:

  • Understand the role of jails in the U.S.
  • Recognize the characteristics of prisons
  • Differentiate between men's and women's prisons
  • Explain the purpose of juvenile detention centers
  • Evaluate statistics pertaining to halfway houses

5 Lessons in Chapter 14: Overview of Correction Facilities
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Jails in the U.S.: Role & Administrative Issues

1. Jails in the U.S.: Role & Administrative Issues

Jails are one means of incarceration used in the U.S. criminal justice system. This lesson explains the role of jails, the difference between jails and prisons, and some challenges jail administrators face.

Prisons: History, Characteristics & Purpose

2. Prisons: History, Characteristics & Purpose

Today's prisons bear little resemblance to those of years past. This lesson outlines the historical development of United States' prisons and explains the main characteristics and purposes of American prisons.

Differences Between Men's & Women's Prisons

3. Differences Between Men's & Women's Prisons

In the United States, most prison inmates are male. For that reason, there are more men's prisons than women's prisons and more services geared toward male inmates. This lesson explains the main differences between men's and women's prisons.

What Is a Halfway House? - Definition, Rules & Statistics

4. What Is a Halfway House? - Definition, Rules & Statistics

This lesson will provide the definition of a halfway house. The lesson will also discuss the rules and statistics about halfway houses. There will be a quiz following the lesson.

Juvenile Detention Center: Purpose & Characteristics

5. Juvenile Detention Center: Purpose & Characteristics

Approximately 70,000 juveniles every day are removed from their homes after committing criminal offenses, many of them ending up in juvenile detention centers. This lesson will review the purpose and characteristics of those centers.

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