Ch 12: Overview of Hearing Impairments

About This Chapter

Use this chapter to learn more about hearing impairments and loss and their effects on development and educational progress. Short lessons can be helpful to both aspiring or current teachers for professional development purposes or licensing exam preparation.

Overview of Hearing Impairments - Chapter Summary

This chapter is designed to cover everything you need to know about hearing impairments, from causes to term definitions. You will learn more about symptoms and treatment of different types of hearing impairments.

You will also review the impacts of hearing loss and impairment in different areas of a student's life. After you complete this chapter, you should be able to do the following:

  • Define hearing impairment and explain causes and treatments
  • Identify terms used to describe middle ear disorders
  • Understand conditions that affect the inner ear
  • Describe symptoms and treatment of otosclerosis
  • Detail how hearing loss adversely affects social development and educational performance

This study option offers flexibility and convenience, with lessons that are accessible at all times, from any device, and the ability to print lesson transcripts if needed. Expert instructors present the material in an easy-to-follow manner and can be contacted with questions using a short online form. Video and text lessons contain self-assessment quizzes so you can easily determine what you have retained and identify areas where you might need further review.

6 Lessons in Chapter 12: Overview of Hearing Impairments
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What is Hearing Impairment? - Definition, Causes & Treatment

1. What is Hearing Impairment? - Definition, Causes & Treatment

This video lesson discusses hearing impairment, from the different types and their causes to available treatment options. Following the lesson is a short quiz to test your knowledge.

Middle Ear Disorder Terminology

2. Middle Ear Disorder Terminology

Trauma and inflammation in the middle ear can cause pain and hearing difficulties. This lesson outlines some of the common disorders associated with the middle ear. Test your understanding by completing the quiz at the end of the lesson.

Inner Ear Condition Vocabulary

3. Inner Ear Condition Vocabulary

Have you ever had that annoying ringing in your ears? Do you know what that's called and why it occurs? You can learn about that and vertigo here as we look at conditions involving the inner ear.

What is Auditory Processing Disorder? - Symptoms & Treatment

4. What is Auditory Processing Disorder? - Symptoms & Treatment

Did you know that between five and seven percent of children are diagnosed with auditory processing disorder? Learn more about the disorder, its symptoms, and treatment. Then test your knowledge with a quiz.

Otosclerosis: Definition, Symptoms & Treatment

5. Otosclerosis: Definition, Symptoms & Treatment

In this lesson, we'll learn about otosclerosis, a condition affecting hearing. Read more to find out what causes it, what the symptoms are, and how to treat otosclerosis.

How Hearing Loss Impacts Social & Emotional Development

6. How Hearing Loss Impacts Social & Emotional Development

If you are a teacher who works with children with hearing loss, you might be interested in the ways their disabilities can affect their social and emotional development. This lesson discusses some of the most common hardships.

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