Ch 28: Overview of Jacksonian Democracy

About This Chapter

Boost your Jacksonian democracy knowledge with this series of history lessons and quizzes. These online study resources can help you prepare for an upcoming exam and strengthen your understanding of American history.

Overview of Jacksonian Democracy - Chapter Summary

This convenient online history chapter provides an overview of Jacksonian democracy. Follow along with our expert instructors to review historical events that occurred throughout Andrew Jackson's presidency. You'll break down several historical topics, including the Panic of 1837, the Trail of Tears and America's regional conflict. When you're finished working through the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Describe John Quincy Adams' presidency
  • Summarize the 1824 election
  • Assess the differing views between Andrew Jackson and the Whig party
  • Explain the debate over states' rights during this time period
  • Understand the Panic of 1837 and Jackson's actions toward the Bank of the United States
  • Evaluate Jackson's Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears

The chapter is entirely self-paced, and you can use any computer or mobile device to study. Each lesson comes with a short quiz, and the chapter concludes with a comprehensive assessment. You can also print the accompanying lesson transcripts and submit questions to our history instructors online.

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