Ch 29: Overview of Oscillations

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Look at this chapter for a thorough overview of oscillations. Our lessons provide extensive study aids to help you gain a deeper understanding of these physics-related vocabulary words and concepts, which may help prepare you for answering questions on your upcoming exam.

Overview of Oscillations - Chapter Summary

Explore the world of physics with this chapter as you go through this overview of oscillations. Some of the lesson topics addressed include mass on a spring, frequency, vertical motion, and oscillating systems. After you have reviewed every lesson, you should be ready to:

  • Describe the simple harmonic motion (SHM) formula
  • Identify the kinematics of SHM
  • Analyze the factors associated with a spring-block oscillator
  • Define the equation used in physics to explain pendulums
  • Compare resonance, forced oscillations, and damped oscillations

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5 Lessons in Chapter 29: Overview of Oscillations
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Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM): Definition, Formulas & Examples

1. Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM): Definition, Formulas & Examples

Simple harmonic motion (SHM) is the motion in which an object moves back and forth along a line. This lesson explores SHM, examining some of the equations that describe it and looking at some examples.

The Kinematics of Simple Harmonic Motion

2. The Kinematics of Simple Harmonic Motion

Kinematics, the study of the displacement, velocity, and acceleration of objects in motion, involves simple harmonic motion whereby an equal and opposite force is applied to an object's motion. Learn the equations of this principle demonstrated in the case of a pendulum.

Spring-Block Oscillator: Vertical Motion, Frequency & Mass

3. Spring-Block Oscillator: Vertical Motion, Frequency & Mass

A spring-block oscillator can help students understand simple harmonic motion. Learn more by exploring the vertical motion, frequency, and mass of a spring-block oscillator. Review the equations and work an example problem to gain more understanding.

Pendulums in Physics: Definition & Equations

4. Pendulums in Physics: Definition & Equations

At its simplest, a pendulum is a weight and a string, or structure, for the weight to hang from. Explore the definition of a pendulum in physics and use an example problem to learn the equations for describing a pendulum.

Damped Oscillations, Forced Oscillations & Resonance

5. Damped Oscillations, Forced Oscillations & Resonance

How can you tell if the oscillations of an object like a pendulum are damped or forced? How does resonance occur in oscillating systems? In this lesson, learn the answers to these questions and more!

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