Ch 3: Overview of Science & Society

About This Chapter

Review the connections between science and society with this chapter's short video lessons. The chapter can be used to supplement your science textbooks, help you catch up in a class or prepare for an upcoming exam.

Overview of Science & Society - Chapter Summary

Science plays a major role in our society. In this chapter, our expert science instructors explain how science relates to several societal aspects, and you'll review some of the basic principles and themes of the scientific field. When you're finished with the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Recognize science's unifying themes, principles and relationships
  • Explain the principles that unify the major branches of science
  • Describe the interrelationships between society and STEM
  • Analyze connections between the mass media and science
  • Evaluate safety and ethical concerns surrounding DNA technology
  • Assess the ethics of animal use in scientific experiments

The chapter is entirely self-paced, and you can use any computer or mobile device to access these resources. An Ask the Expert feature is available if you have any questions, and you can revisit the lessons as many times as needed. As you work through the chapter, you can solidify your understanding of key concepts by taking the included assessments.

6 Lessons in Chapter 3: Overview of Science & Society
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Unifying Themes, Principles & Relationships in Science

1. Unifying Themes, Principles & Relationships in Science

Learn the true definition of science and explore the main themes and principles to understand how science helps us find relationships in the natural world. Take a quiz to test what you know.

Principles Unifying the Branches of Science

2. Principles Unifying the Branches of Science

Scientists of different disciplines look to compete with one another. But they have more in common than you might think. Learn about the basic principles that all scientists share, and why they're important.

The Interrelationships Between STEM & Society

3. The Interrelationships Between STEM & Society

As time goes on, science, technology, engineering, and math become more and more tangled in current society. This lesson will give an overview of various ways in which STEM and society have become intertwined.

Science in the Mass Media

4. Science in the Mass Media

Learn about the importance of the mass media to communicate scientific discoveries and the many issues with how that communication happens. See how well you understand by taking a quiz.

Ethical and Safety Concerns for DNA Technology

5. Ethical and Safety Concerns for DNA Technology

DNA technology is very powerful and has had positive influences on many fields and industries. However, DNA technology is not perfect. In this lesson, you will explore some of the safety and ethical concerns that people have regarding this field of study.

Use of Animals In Experiments: Ethics & Concept

6. Use of Animals In Experiments: Ethics & Concept

Learn about using animals in experiments according to ethical guidelines set forth by the American Psychological Association, including the ethical and unethical use of animals in past research experiments, and test your knowledge with a quiz.

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