Ch 24: Overview of Spanish-Speaking Culture & Etiquette

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Check out this comprehensive chapter to study cultural aspects of Spanish-speaking countries. The chapter's fun lessons and quizzes can be used for test preparation, homework help, tutoring and casual learning.

Overview of Spanish-Speaking Culture & Etiquette - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Check out this Spanish language chapter to review the cultures of several Spanish-speaking countries. These entertaining lessons break down the customs, traditions, daily routines, lifestyles, art, music and tourism of Spanish-speaking cultures across North America, South America, Central America and Europe. Be sure to take the included lesson quizzes and chapter exam to solidify your understanding of these cultures. The online format of the chapter allows you to study wherever and whenever it's convenient. By the end of the chapter, you'll be able to evaluate Spanish-speaking cultures in the following countries. You also learn about common etiquette in these cultures and how to discuss cultural practices appropriately.

15 Lessons in Chapter 24: Overview of Spanish-Speaking Culture & Etiquette
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Spanish-Speaking Culture in Mexico

1. Spanish-Speaking Culture in Mexico

Mexico, the southern neighbor of the United States, is a country rich in traditions and natural beauty. In this lesson we will focus on Mexico's customs, traditions, lifestyle and some of the things that make this country unique.

Spanish-Speaking Culture in Colombia

2. Spanish-Speaking Culture in Colombia

In this lesson we will arrive in Colombia, the country of cumbia and arepas. We will see some of its most famous monuments and its most curious traditions.

Spanish-Speaking Culture in the United States

3. Spanish-Speaking Culture in the United States

The Spanish speaking community in the United States has dramatically grown in recent decades. In this lesson, we'll explore how the Spanish language and culture affects American culture, focusing on some customs and traditions, lifestyle, arts and music, and tourism.

Spanish-Speaking Culture in Argentina

4. Spanish-Speaking Culture in Argentina

In this lesson, we will learn about the culture of Argentina, a great country in the extreme south of South America. We will see some of its monuments, its music, its writers, and its curiosities. Read on to find out about mate and tango!

Spanish-Speaking Culture in Spain

5. Spanish-Speaking Culture in Spain

The Spanish language emerged in Spain, a country in western Europe, rich in history and traditions. In this lesson, we take a look at some of the customs, traditions and lifestyle in this country, while we learn some related vocabulary.

Spanish-Speaking Culture in Peru

6. Spanish-Speaking Culture in Peru

The Spanish-speaking country of Peru is rich in culture and natural beauty from the ancient customs of the Quechua people to the dizzying mountains of the Andes. This lesson will explore the country of Peru, including its customs, art, and tourism.

Spanish-Speaking Culture in Venezuela

7. Spanish-Speaking Culture in Venezuela

In this lesson we are going to make a trip through Venezuela, a country full of culture and tradition. We will learn something of its history, several places to visit, its traditions, celebrations, and some delicious recipes.

Spanish-Speaking Culture in Chile

8. Spanish-Speaking Culture in Chile

What do you know about Chile? This lesson explores this beautiful South American country, whose official language is Spanish, providing an overview of the customs, traditions and lifestyle of its people.

Spanish-Speaking Culture in Ecuador

9. Spanish-Speaking Culture in Ecuador

Are you ready to learn about the culture that characterizes Ecuador? This Spanish-speaking country has a lot to offer and this lesson summarizes the main aspects of Ecuadorian culture.

Spanish-Speaking Culture in Guatemala

10. Spanish-Speaking Culture in Guatemala

In this lesson, we are going to travel through Central America to see a truly fascinating country: Guatemala. It's a country with unique, important Mayan traditions. After reading the lesson, you might want to visit it!

Cultural Etiquette in Spanish-Speaking South America

11. Cultural Etiquette in Spanish-Speaking South America

Each country in South America is unique, but some cultural aspects are shared. This lesson concentrates on those aspects while highlighting some important differences.

Cultural Etiquette in Spain

12. Cultural Etiquette in Spain

This lesson provides you with an overview of some practices that surround the Spanish culture so you can make the most of your visit - whether it is for pleasure, business, or any other purpose!

Cultural Etiquette in Spanish-Speaking Caribbean Islands

13. Cultural Etiquette in Spanish-Speaking Caribbean Islands

In this lesson we focus on some basic etiquette you need to take into account when traveling to any of the Caribbean Islands. Afterwards, you can test your knowledge with a quiz.

Discussing Common Cultural Practices in Spanish-Speaking Countries

14. Discussing Common Cultural Practices in Spanish-Speaking Countries

The Spanish-speaking world is very rich and diverse in terms of cultural practices. However, there are some common cultural practices that you can learn about and discuss by using the vocabulary this lesson gives you.

Discussing Similarities in Cultures in Spanish

15. Discussing Similarities in Cultures in Spanish

Would you like to be able to talk about the cultural similarities between different Spanish-speaking countries? This lesson not only gives you a few basic topics you can discuss but also a context for making comparisons.

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