Ch 1: Overview of the Tourism Industry

About This Chapter

If you're getting ready to take an important exam, take a look at our chapter providing an overview of the tourism industry. Our short, mobile-friendly and professionally created video and text lessons make it easy to study the topics you need to know to do well on test day.

Overview of the Tourism Industry - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, our instructors provide an overview of the tourism industry for your review. These lessons cover the definition of tourism, its characteristics and different types of tourism. You can review the entire chapter as a great test prep exercise, or just the lessons and topics that you know you need to work on. After each lesson, you'll find a multiple-choice quiz to help keep you on track. Our printable lesson transcripts make great study guides you can use to study keywords and topics offline any time while you're preparing. Once this chapter is completed, you should be ready to:

  • Detail the different sectors of the tourism industry
  • Define the relationship between hospitality and tourism
  • Explain how tourism and geography are related
  • Discuss tourism from a historical perspective
  • Identify the impact tourism has on the economy
  • Outline what tourism management is

7 Lessons in Chapter 1: Overview of the Tourism Industry
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Tourism: Characteristics & Types

1. Tourism: Characteristics & Types

This lesson goes over something we all love: tourism. You'll learn about some of the different types of tourism as well as the characteristics that all types of tourism share.

Sectors of the Tourism Industry

2. Sectors of the Tourism Industry

Read this lesson to learn about the various parts that make up the tourism industry. You'll also learn how they work together to create the travel experience that travelers are looking for.

Relationship Between Tourism & Hospitality

3. Relationship Between Tourism & Hospitality

Traveling to different destinations is a fun activity that millions of people do each year. Whether it is on a family vacation or a weekend away with friends, often times our travels requires services such as hotels and places to eat. Come along as we discover how tourism and hospitality are related.

The Relationship Between Tourism & Geography

4. The Relationship Between Tourism & Geography

This lesson covers some introductory topics related to tourism and geography. You'll learn how things like distance and place may influence tourism in addition to the impact tourism may have on the physical geography of a place.

A Historical View of Tourism

5. A Historical View of Tourism

Tourism has a very interesting history beginning thousands of years ago. In this lesson, you will explore that history and also see how the tourism industry has changed and grown from local places to the entire world!

Economic Impact of Tourism

6. Economic Impact of Tourism

In this lesson, we will discuss the various ways in which the tourism industry can impact the economy, focusing on job creation, transportation, and wildlife/nature conservation.

What is Tourism Management?

7. What is Tourism Management?

Tourism management is a broad field with many opportunities. In this lesson, you'll learn more about the basics of tourism management and gain some insight into a career in the industry.

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