Ch 6: Overview & Principles of Conversation Management

About This Chapter

Watch the video lessons in this chapter to get a comprehensive overview of principles of conversation management. Self-assessment quizzes are available to gauge how well you understand the materials.

Overview & Principles of Conversation Management - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Conversation management is an important aspect of communication whether it is occurring between two individuals or a larger group of people. In this chapter, you can watch video lessons that examine the principles of conversation management to learn how to effectively initiate and maintain a conversation, determine how much to disclose when conversing with others and identify problems that can occur in conversations. You can also learn more about organizational communication.

The lessons are designed to offer a detailed look at the principles of conversation management, while presenting the materials in an entertaining fashion. In addition to watching the videos, you can access video transcripts to strengthen your comprehension of the materials. Self-assessment quizzes are also available to help gauge how well you understand the lessons. After completing this chapter, you should be able to identify:

  • The five-stage model of conversation
  • Principles of conversation management
  • Influences and rewards of conversational disclosure
  • The role of organizational communication
  • Various conversational problems

The Five-Stage Model of Conversation Learn about the five stage model of conversation that includes opening, feedforward, substance/focus, feedback and closing.
Principles of Conversation Management Analyze the principles of conversation management that include initiation of conversation, maintaining the conversation, closing the conversation and how to deal with unsatisfying conversational partners.
Conversational Disclosure: Influence, Rewards, Danger & Guidelines Examine the influences, rewards, dangers and guidelines of conversational disclosure.
Organizational Communication Discover the role of organizational communication and define terms like downward, upward and horizontal communication. Also, take a closer look at the formal network and informal channel.
Understanding Conversational Problems Study conversational problems like preventing and repairing.

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