Ch 14: Parent-Child Communication & Conflict

About This Chapter

If you need to study parent-child communication and conflict strategies, this chapter is for you. Access the chapter's simple lessons and quizzes whenever you need to review these topics for upcoming exams, class assignments or homework.

Parent-Child Communication & Conflict - Chapter Summary

Complete this chapter to study communication and conflict strategies between parents and children. The chapter's short and expertly taught lessons compare family communication styles and examine the factors that can lead to family conflicts. You'll then examine a variety of family conflict resolution strategies as well as effective methods for intervening with child neglect/abuse. By the end of the chapter, you should be equipped to:

  • Compare types of family communication skills and styles
  • Identify sources of family conflict
  • Explain how health can be affected by family conflict
  • Recognize effective activities for family conflict resolution
  • Describe the characteristics and effects of child abuse and neglect
  • Outline several intervention procedures for child abuse and neglect

Each lesson comes with a short quiz that goes over important family communication concepts. Take the chapter exam to make sure you fully understand the information, and feel free to reach out to our subject-matter experts if you have any questions. The chapter can be accessed at any time that fits your schedule, and you can use any computer or mobile device to access these study resources.

6 Lessons in Chapter 14: Parent-Child Communication & Conflict
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Family Communication: Styles & Skills

1. Family Communication: Styles & Skills

This lesson discusses how families communicate through different modes (open and closed) and means (direct and indirect) means of communication. To improve broken communication, different skills that are needed for open and direct communication are also discussed.

Family Conflict: Sources & Influence on Delinquency

2. Family Conflict: Sources & Influence on Delinquency

The structure of the American family has changed significantly over the last 50 years. This lesson will discuss the changing American family, identify sources of conflict within the family, and show how this conflict can impact juvenile delinquency.

How Family Conflict Affects Health

3. How Family Conflict Affects Health

In this lesson we'll be looking at how family conflict affects both physical and emotional health of individuals. We'll look at specific examples in families to elucidate the issues.

Family Conflict Resolution Activities

4. Family Conflict Resolution Activities

Helping families understand how conflicts work and how to resolve them is an important way of providing support. This lesson offers specific activities for teaching family conflict resolution skills.

Child Abuse and Neglect: 4 Major Types, Characteristics & Effects

5. Child Abuse and Neglect: 4 Major Types, Characteristics & Effects

Child abuse is a major problem in our world today. Counselors must be educated in the topic, particularly the four types of abuse, their effects, and what to focus on in therapy.

Child Abuse & Neglect Intervention Procedures

6. Child Abuse & Neglect Intervention Procedures

When child abuse or neglect is suspected, educators must take action. In this lesson, we'll discuss the procedures for intervening when child abuse or neglect is suspected.

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