Ch 24: Pathogenic Diseases in India

About This Chapter

Increase your knowledge of pathogenic diseases in India with these engaging lessons. You will find information about the life cycle of a virus and medical treatments to control pathogens. If you are preparing for a test or class discussion, these lessons and quizzes will help by testing your knowledge of key topics in advance.

Pathogenic Diseases in India - Chapter Summary

This chapter includes lessons on pathogenic diseases in India, with information on flu viruses and HIV. You will also gain an understanding of common fungal infections. After completing the chapter, you should feel confident and ready to:

  • Discuss pathogenic bacteria that can cause serious infections in the body
  • Define fungi and parasite
  • Recall the life cycle of a virus
  • Explain how influenza and HIV evade the immune system
  • Use medical terminology of major viruses
  • Discuss categories of medical treatments used to control pathogens
  • Explain major health problems in India

Each lesson is accompanied by a brief quiz to assess how much of the content and details you can recall. Video timelines let you review only the topics you need to review. You can make the most of the chapter by printing the quiz in worksheet form to use as an offline study guide.

7 Lessons in Chapter 24: Pathogenic Diseases in India
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Important Pathogenic Bacteria

1. Important Pathogenic Bacteria

We will discuss some of the pathogenic bacteria that cause common and sometimes serious infections in our bodies. We will look at the infections and their symptoms as well.

Fungi & Parasite Terminology

2. Fungi & Parasite Terminology

We will discuss a working definition for fungi and look at a couple of common fungal infections. Parasites will also be defined and discussed. We will touch on a few parasitic infections.

The Life Cycle of a Virus: How Viruses Live, Attack & Replicate

3. The Life Cycle of a Virus: How Viruses Live, Attack & Replicate

Find out how viruses infect and replicate as we explore the important steps of the virus life cycle, including attachment, uncoating, penetration, replication, and release, as well as the lysogenic and lytic cycles.

Flu Viruses, HIV and Immune System Evasion

4. Flu Viruses, HIV and Immune System Evasion

Why is it that our immune systems can protect us from some viruses but not others? We've eradicated smallpox by using vaccines, so why do influenza and HIV remain such dangerous health risks? In this lesson about viruses, we'll explore these questions and learn how influenza and HIV continue to evade the human immune system.

Medical Terminology of Major Viruses

5. Medical Terminology of Major Viruses

In this lesson, we are going to spend some time discussing a few members of the different major families of viruses that affect people. The signs and symptoms will also be discussed.

Medical Treatments to Control Pathogens

6. Medical Treatments to Control Pathogens

This lesson covers the different categories of medical treatments to control pathogens. We'll look at mechanisms of actions and examples of antibiotics, antivirals and antifungals, as well as the infections they're commonly used to treat.

Major Health Problems in India

7. Major Health Problems in India

This lesson gives you an overview of some of the major health problems facing India today. You'll also learn about some of the potential causes of these disorders and the impact they can have.

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