Ch 6: Patient-Centered Information Technology

About This Chapter

If you need to review patient-centered information technology concepts for an upcoming exam, project or homework assignment, check out this collection of engaging lessons and quizzes. These study resources can be accessed whenever it's convenient, on any computer or mobile device.

Patient-Centered Information Technology - Chapter Summary

Get an overview of patient-centered information technology with this useful online nursing chapter. As you follow along with our expert instructors, you'll become familiar with the applications of information technology in healthcare settings, as well as topics regarding informatics-enabled evidence-based care. You can reinforce your understanding of these topics by taking the accompanying self-assessment quizzes and chapter exam. Use any Internet-connected device to study, and reach out to our instructors if you have any questions. When you're finished with the chapter, you should be equipped to:

  • Evaluate the use of informatics to facilitate patient safety and promote evidence-based practice
  • Identify patient-centered Internet and mobile healthcare applications
  • Discuss the role of information technology in clinical practice and home health
  • Summarize public policy issues regarding the use of IT for disease management
  • Understand the main components of informatics-enabled evidence-based care
  • Assess the ethical considerations of patient-centered information technology

8 Lessons in Chapter 6: Patient-Centered Information Technology
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Using Informatics for Patient Safety & Evidence-Based Practice

1. Using Informatics for Patient Safety & Evidence-Based Practice

This lesson looks at how information technology can aid patient safety and evidence-based practice. The objective is to keep patients safe in the delivery of health care while using technology to support staff and reduce errors.

Patient-Centered Internet Applications

2. Patient-Centered Internet Applications

The world of healthcare has become more complex during recent years. To keep pace with the change, the Internet is playing a role in empowering patients to manage and monitor their own health conditions. This lesson is about patient-centered Internet applications.

Patient-Centered Mobile Health Care Applications

3. Patient-Centered Mobile Health Care Applications

In this lesson, you will learn about patient-centered mobile health care applications. You will learn what a mobile health care application is, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Information Technology: Home Telehealth Applications

4. Information Technology: Home Telehealth Applications

Providing patient healthcare technology in remote locations has given patients more access to care. Telehealth will be discussed in this lesson, including the benefits and challenges associated with this innovative technology.

Information Technology: Clinical Practice

5. Information Technology: Clinical Practice

In this lesson, we will discuss how information technology influences clinical practice. We will discuss what information technology is and the ways that it is used by different people at varying levels within the healthcare setting.

Public Policy Issues: Using IT for Disease Management

6. Public Policy Issues: Using IT for Disease Management

Healthcare relies on the use of information technology. It is developing at such a rate that public interest and ethical considerations may be overlooked. In this lesson, learn about public policy as it applies to the use of IT in disease management.

Informatics-Enabled Evidence-Based Care

7. Informatics-Enabled Evidence-Based Care

This lesson explains merging healthcare information technologies and providing nursing care to the patient and family. Having the information nurses need at the point of care can make patients safer.

Ethical Considerations Related to Patient-Centered IT

8. Ethical Considerations Related to Patient-Centered IT

Patient-centered IT enables patients to participate in their own care through better access to their own medical information. Read this lesson to learn some of the basic ethical concerns related to this technological advancement.

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