Ch 5: Patterns & Sequences in Algebra

About This Chapter

Increase your understanding of sequences and patterns in algebra with the help of the engaging lessons provided in this chapter. You can tackle even the toughest subjects with our video and text lessons in order to study for an important exam or improve your class grade.

Patterns & Sequences in Algebra - Chapter Summary

Our instructors clearly outline algebraic sequences and patterns for your review in this chapter. These lessons address the rules and patterns in geometry and arithmetic in a concise and easy-to-understand way. After you finish this chapter, you should be ready to:

  • Generalize and recognize patterns in math
  • Write rules for sequences in arithmetic
  • Understand how to work with geometric sequences
  • Extend and identify different types of patterns
  • Create and extend repeating patterns from rotations

Whether you're getting ready to take a test or finishing a homework assignment, these video and text lessons clearly outline these topics for ease of comprehension. All of our learning materials are designed by professional instructors, giving you confidence as you study. As you move through the chapter, the Dashboard will help you keep tabs on your progress. Feel free to submit any questions that you might have to one of our instructors.

5 Lessons in Chapter 5: Patterns & Sequences in Algebra
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Recognizing & Generalizing Patterns in Math

1. Recognizing & Generalizing Patterns in Math

Being able to recognize patterns is one of the most important aspects of studying math, and one that has definite advantages in other fields of study. In this lesson, we'll look at how to recognize the most common patterns in math: sequences.

Writing Rules for Arithmetic Sequences

2. Writing Rules for Arithmetic Sequences

There is a general formula you can use to find the specific formula for any arithmetic sequence. Learn about this formula and how to use it even if you are given only two terms in a sequence.

Working with Geometric Sequences

3. Working with Geometric Sequences

In this video lesson, we'll learn how to recognize when a sequence of numbers is a geometric sequence, how to find the common ratio and how to expand a sequence to as many numbers as we want!

Identifying & Extending Different Types of Patterns

4. Identifying & Extending Different Types of Patterns

In this lesson, we will look at different ways patterns present themselves in the world around us. We will take a look at how to identify patterns and how to extend patterns and use this in some real-world examples.

Creating & Extending Repeating Patterns From Rotations

5. Creating & Extending Repeating Patterns From Rotations

Figure out what comes next: triangle, circle, square, triangle, circle, [{Blank}]. If you figured out a square is next, you are extending repeated patterns. In this lesson, you are going to investigate how to extend and create patterns with rotations.

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