Ch 1: Payroll Processes & Laws

About This Chapter

The short and engaging lessons in this chapter can quickly and easily strengthen your comprehension of payroll processes and laws. Assess your knowledge of these processes and laws and enhance your preparations for a future test by taking mini quizzes and a practice exam.

Payroll Processes & Laws - Chapter Summary

If you need help understanding various payroll processes and laws, you've reached the right place! This chapter takes a close look at payroll tax, common payroll issues, wage and hour laws and much more. Reviewing our entertaining lessons will enable you to do the following in a short period of time:

  • Discuss the terms and practices of the departmental payroll system
  • List the roles and responsibilities of the payroll staff
  • Describe how payroll processes and systems are used
  • Explain how departmental payroll records in accounting are completed
  • Detail the laws and regulations of compensation and benefits
  • Share how wages for workers' compensation and fringe benefits are calculated
  • Identify and discuss the laws and restrictions surrounding wage garnishment

This chapter serves as a fantastic study resource for individuals strapped with a busy schedule. All lessons are available 24/7 via any computer or mobile device, enabling you to study anytime and anyplace your schedule permits. Access the lessons you feel will help you best understand payroll processes and laws, and test your knowledge of their contents by taking accompanying quizzes. Get a broader review of the lessons by taking the practice chapter exam.

10 Lessons in Chapter 1: Payroll Processes & Laws
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Departmental Payroll System: Terms & Practices

1. Departmental Payroll System: Terms & Practices

After reading this lesson, you will understand how you end up with a paycheck from your company's payroll department every pay period. Learn how they know how much to deduct and how much to pay you.

Payroll Staff: Roles & Responsibilities

2. Payroll Staff: Roles & Responsibilities

Payroll staff are an important part of every business. This team ensures that employees are compensated for the correct amount and on the designated date. These staff members also need to have some understanding of general accounting practices. Read on to learn about some common payroll team responsibilities.

Using Payroll Processes & Systems

3. Using Payroll Processes & Systems

Payroll processing is a task completed by Finance and Human Resources departments. This lesson reviews the systems and processes used to complete payroll.

Completing Departmental Payroll Records in Accounting

4. Completing Departmental Payroll Records in Accounting

Entering payroll information correctly into your accounting system is extremely important so your financial records are accurate. An accurate financial record may be in less danger of being audited.

What is Payroll Tax? - Definition & Example

5. What is Payroll Tax? - Definition & Example

This lesson will define the payroll tax and explore the various types of payroll taxes. Also, an example that looks at payroll taxes from the viewpoint of the employee will be provided.

Wage and Hour Laws: Overview of the Fair Labor Standards Act

6. Wage and Hour Laws: Overview of the Fair Labor Standards Act

Most people work for others to make a living by trading their labor for a wage and other benefits. In this lesson, you'll learn about the Fair Labor Standards Act and the minimum standards it sets for certain labor practices.

Compensation & Benefits: Laws & Regulations

7. Compensation & Benefits: Laws & Regulations

Compensation and benefits are two of the hottest topics in the job market, but do you know what they are? In this lesson, you'll learn what compensation and benefits are and explore laws that affect them both.

Calculating Wages for Workers' Compensation & Fringe Benefits

8. Calculating Wages for Workers' Compensation & Fringe Benefits

Workers' compensation covers medical bills and wage loss due to work-related injury or illness. This lesson shows how to calculate lost wages and how fringe benefits impact that calculation.

Laws & Restrictions Around Wage Garnishment

9. Laws & Restrictions Around Wage Garnishment

The process of wage garnishment compels an employee to pay owed debts through payroll withholding but is subject to a number of protections and limits. Let's review the highlights of relevant wage garnishment laws and restrictions.

Common Payroll Issues

10. Common Payroll Issues

Payroll can be biggest expense for a company, however, it's complicated and error-prone. This lesson reviews the most common issues in payroll and explains how they can affect an employee's pay.

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