Ch 33: Performing Arts Overview

About This Chapter

Let us help you better understand performing arts with this overview developed by expert instructors. Lessons provide in-depth information about improvisation in music, approaches to dramatic acting, principles of theatrical design and more.

Performing Arts Overview - Chapter Summary

Use this overview of performing arts to learn about various aspects of these forms of expression. By reviewing the video and text lessons in this chapter, you can boost your knowledge of acting, dance, music and other performing arts. All lessons are brief, ensuring you have no trouble reviewing these concepts when your busy schedule allows. At the end of this chapter, you will be prepared for the following:

  • Demonstrating an ability to read a performance similarly to reading a book
  • Defining and identifying rules and techniques of improvisation in music
  • Listing and defining ballet key concepts and terminology
  • Identifying the top contemporary U.S. dancers in the 20th century
  • Sharing approaches to dramatic acting that can help improve public speaking skills
  • Describing the principles of theatrical design

Lessons in this chapter are accessible from any computer, smartphone or tablet and can be reviewed in any sequence you desire. Revisit them as often as needed to ensure you have a good grasp of this overview of performing arts. Test your understanding of the lessons by taking short multiple-choice quizzes and a chapter exam. Any questions you have about this chapter's topics can be submitted to our experts.

6 Lessons in Chapter 33: Performing Arts Overview
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Understanding Performance Art: Finding the Thesis, Narrative & Meaning

1. Understanding Performance Art: Finding the Thesis, Narrative & Meaning

Learn how to 'read' a performance the same way you would read a book or story. In this lesson, we'll discuss strategies for identifying thesis, narrative, and meaning in the performing arts.

Improvisation in Music: Definition, Rules & Techniques

2. Improvisation in Music: Definition, Rules & Techniques

A quintessential component of many contemporary musical genres, this lesson will examine the rules and techniques for improvisation in music. Afterward, test your knowledge with a short quiz.

Ballet Dance Terminology and Key Concepts

3. Ballet Dance Terminology and Key Concepts

The fact that most ballet terms are in French can make them seem intimidating, but they're more accessible than you might think. Learn some of the key terms used in ballet dance.

Contemporary Dance and Dancers in the United States

4. Contemporary Dance and Dancers in the United States

Contemporary dance in America is like nothing that came before it. Learn about the dancers and choreographers who shaped this art form in the 20th century and made it uniquely American.

Approaches to Dramatic Acting

5. Approaches to Dramatic Acting

Public speaking is something that terrifies many people, but some of the greatest public speakers got that way by thinking of speaking as a performance. In this lesson, we'll look at some approaches to acting that can help improve public speaking.

Principles of Theatrical Design

6. Principles of Theatrical Design

If you've ever been to the theater, you know it's about much more than just the acting on stage. The set design, costumes, lighting, and sound all go a great distance in making the show. In this lesson, we look at those principles of theatrical design.

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