Ch 6: Persuasive Communication in Sales

About This Chapter

In this chapter, your sales staff will review the basics of persuasive communication in sales. The chapter includes expertly taught lessons that are designed to quickly improve your sales employees' persuasion skills.

Persuasive Communication in Sales - Chapter Summary

Use this comprehensive sales training chapter to show your sales staff the elements of persuasive communication. Using an engaging and simple teaching style, our instructors explore a variety of persuasive communication theories, techniques, methods and strategies.

The chapter can be accessed at any time, and your sales staff can review the material on any Internet-connected device. If your employees have questions about the material, they can reach out to our instructors online.

How It Helps

  • Builds awareness: The chapter helps sales professionals become aware of persuasive communication theories and concepts.
  • Describes the purpose of influence and persuasion: Sales professionals will see why influence and persuasion are essential in sales.
  • Improves persuasion skills : Salespeople who finish the chapter will become better-skilled at persuading clients and making sales.

Skills Covered

By the end of the chapter, sales professionals should be able to:

  • Assess basic theories, skills and techniques in persuasive communication
  • Explain why influence is an important part of sales and negotiations
  • Differentiate between influence/persuasion and coercion/manipulation
  • Persuade audiences by using anecdotes
  • Recognize/overcome obstacles that might limit persuasion
  • Evaluate the application of inoculation theory in sales

6 Lessons in Chapter 6: Persuasive Communication in Sales
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Persuasive Communication: Theories, Skills & Techniques

1. Persuasive Communication: Theories, Skills & Techniques

Persuasive communication can be an effective way to change the minds and behaviors of those with whom you disagree. In this lesson, you'll learn about cognitive dissonance theory and the rational model of persuasion and how to apply them.

The Importance of Influence in Sales & Negotiations

2. The Importance of Influence in Sales & Negotiations

This lesson goes over the importance of influence in sales. You'll learn how the sales context changes the way you influence, as well as get some pointers on how to influence sales.

Influence & Persuasion vs. Coercion & Manipulation

3. Influence & Persuasion vs. Coercion & Manipulation

Are you more of an influencer or a manipulator? In this lesson, you'll learn more about influence, persuasion, coercion, and manipulation and how your intentions may dictate which behavior you choose.

Using Anecdotes to Persuade an Audience

4. Using Anecdotes to Persuade an Audience

In this lesson, you're going to learn about anecdotes. First, you'll learn what they are. Then, you'll learn some tips on how to formulate good ones for yourself. Finally, you'll learn why they're effective tools of persuasion.

Recognizing & Overcoming Obstacles That Limit Persuasion

5. Recognizing & Overcoming Obstacles That Limit Persuasion

In this lesson, we go over some of the many obstacles that limit a person's ability to persuade. We also go over some strategies by which they can be overcome.

Inoculation Theory & Sales Application

6. Inoculation Theory & Sales Application

This lesson discusses the fundamental concepts of inoculation theory. In addition to what this is, we'll go over an example of it in the world of sales.

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