Ch 52: Phylum Arthropoda

About This Chapter

In this overview of phylum arthropoda, learn about the structure of houseflies, the life cycle of mosquitoes, and insect control. These information-packed and mobile-friendly lessons are designed to help you with homework or test preparation.

Phylum Arthropoda - Chapter Summary

Going through these lessons will deepen your understanding of phylum arthropoda. Some of the topics covered include the structure of a housefly and common types of arthropods. This chapter will also teach you about the economic importance of insects. After reviewing the lessons, you should be ready to:

  • List characteristics of arthropods
  • Recall some of the habits of Periplaneta americana
  • Compare Periplaneta and Blatta
  • Discuss the life cycle of houseflies and mosquitoes
  • Explain how insects are controlled

These lessons are filled with key details about phylum arthropoda, and our instructors ensure the information is easy to absorb. Vocabulary words are highlighted so that you can identify and review them quickly. A multiple-choice quiz is available to test your knowledge after each lesson, and the quizzes can be printed for use as a handy study tool.

6 Lessons in Chapter 52: Phylum Arthropoda
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Arthropods: Definition, Characteristics & Types

1. Arthropods: Definition, Characteristics & Types

Arthropods are the most abundant animals on the planet. They fly, jump, swim, and crawl over just about every inch of the world. Learn about common types of arthropods and the characteristics they have in common.

Periplaneta Americana: Habitat & Habits

2. Periplaneta Americana: Habitat & Habits

This lesson will introduce you to the interesting habitats and habits of the Periplaneta americana. You'll also learn what that crazy term actually refers to!

Comparison Between Periplaneta & Blatta

3. Comparison Between Periplaneta & Blatta

In this lesson, we'll talk about the similarities and differences between two major genera of pestiferous cockroaches. We'll talk about how to identify and control these insects.

Housefly: Structure & Life Cycle

4. Housefly: Structure & Life Cycle

What is an anal cerci? How many stages does a fly go through in its life? How do flies see? If you are curious about the housefly and would like to take a closer look, read on about the buzz on houseflies.

Mosquito: Structure & Life Cycle

5. Mosquito: Structure & Life Cycle

If you are curious about the parts of a mosquito and what their life cycle looks like, then search no further. In this lesson we will take a close look at what makes a mosquito as well as how they develop.

Insects: Economic Importance & Control

6. Insects: Economic Importance & Control

In this lesson, we'll be learning about some of the most common animals in the world: insects. Here, we'll focus on the economic importance of these small creatures as well as techniques to control their presence as needed.

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