Ch 16: Physical Education

About This Chapter

Experience a refresher course on the benefits of physical activity and the outcomes of an effective exercise regimen. Instructors teaching this chapter's video lessons also outline the importance of health and fitness in children's growth and development.

Physical Education - Chapter Summary

Take another look at the components of physical fitness and view exercises that can improve cardiorespiratory and muscle endurance, muscle strength and flexibility. Lessons in this chapter can also help you review effective exercise regimens and the effects of physical activity and fitness on children's learning and development. Conclude your studies with a lesson covering children's motor skills difficulties. Topics include:

  • Defining physical fitness
  • Developing exercise programs
  • Goals of physical activity
  • Physical activity and child development
  • Indicators of motor skill difficulties
  • Fitness and learning

Review physical education topics whenever and wherever you please with self-paced materials accessible on your mobile device. The short videos last less than ten minutes each, and the transcripts make it easy to identify key vocabulary terms and main ideas. You can also take the multiple-choice quizzes included with each lesson. Responses link back to video content to help you shore up on any areas requiring extra study.

6 Lessons in Chapter 16: Physical Education
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What is Physical Fitness? - Definition & Importance

1. What is Physical Fitness? - Definition & Importance

Physical fitness is your ability to carry out tasks without undue fatigue. Learn about the components of physical fitness: cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility and body composition and why they are important.

Components of Exercise Programs: Aerobics, Strength Training & Stretching

2. Components of Exercise Programs: Aerobics, Strength Training & Stretching

Ever wonder what stretching, strength training, and aerobic exercises are? You'll learn about them in this lesson. You'll also find out what some basic recommendations are for each type of exercise.

Physical Activity: Health, Fitness and Performance

3. Physical Activity: Health, Fitness and Performance

Physical activity is any movement of your muscles that uses energy. Physical activity helps you achieve better health, fitness and performance. Learn how the overload principle and specificity principle improve your fitness and performance.

How Physical Activity Impacts Childhood Development

4. How Physical Activity Impacts Childhood Development

Physical activity is an important aspect of childhood development for many reasons. This lesson will explore the importance of physical activity for healthy development and will end with a quiz to test your knowledge.

Identifying Motor Skill Difficulties in Children

5. Identifying Motor Skill Difficulties in Children

Find out what motor skills are and the differences between fine and gross skills. Learn about motor skills development and indicators of motor skill dificulties in children.

How Fitness Influences Learning

6. How Fitness Influences Learning

This lesson provides a quick overview of how fitness and a little exercise before testing can improve children's learning process. We get down to the scientific reason and look at a few case studies to understand how it works.

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