Ch 46: Physical Features of the Earth

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Physical Features of the Earth - Chapter Summary

This informative chapter on the physical features of the earth was developed by professional instructors and can help you brush up on topics like Earth's oceans, seas and gulfs. The entertaining lessons also take a look at the concepts of erosion and glaciation. Once you've finished this chapter in its entirety, you should be able to:

  • Explain the formation of rivers and their effects
  • Provide examples of isthmus landforms
  • Describe the different types of landforms
  • Define a cape in geography and give examples
  • Discuss what an archipelago is
  • Outline the internal and external forces that shape the earth's surface
  • Explain the periods and causes of glaciation on the earth
  • Identify the causes and effects of erosion

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9 Lessons in Chapter 46: Physical Features of the Earth
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The Earth's Oceans, Seas & Gulfs

1. The Earth's Oceans, Seas & Gulfs

After watching this video, you will be able to explain what oceans, seas and gulfs are and point out some of the most well-known ones on a world map. A short quiz will follow.

Rivers: Definition & Explanation

2. Rivers: Definition & Explanation

Explore rivers and how they develop from small streams to swiftly flowing rapids. Learn about how rivers shape the land around them, creating canyons, flood plains and deltas.

Isthmus Landform: Definition and Examples

3. Isthmus Landform: Definition and Examples

In this lesson, you'll learn the defining characteristics of an isthmus and find out this landform's importance in navigation, commerce, and social relations. We'll also examine three specific isthmuses.

Landform: Definition & Types

4. Landform: Definition & Types

Read about landforms and their major features. Learn the differences between formations like mountains and hills, valleys and canyons. (Hint: It has to do with their form.)

Cape in Geography: Definition & Examples

5. Cape in Geography: Definition & Examples

Capes are dramatic landforms and often popular tourist destinations. In this lesson, we'll learn how to identify a cape, and check out some of the ways they can form.

Archipelago: Definition & Examples

6. Archipelago: Definition & Examples

Are islands archipelagos, or are archipelagos islands? In this lesson, we'll figure out what's what, and look at some of the different ways that archipelagos can form.

The Dynamic Earth: Internal & External Forces that Shape Earth's Surface

7. The Dynamic Earth: Internal & External Forces that Shape Earth's Surface

There are many geologic processes that shape the surface of the Earth. Not only do they build and destroy a variety of landscapes, but they also give us clues to the interior of the Earth and the forces that exist there.

Glaciation: Definition, Periods & Causes

8. Glaciation: Definition, Periods & Causes

In this lesson, we explore glaciation. Referring to the movement and formation of glaciers, glaciation has played an important role in human history, including allowing for the implementation of one of humanity's most important practices.

Erosion: Definition, Causes & Effects

9. Erosion: Definition, Causes & Effects

In this lesson, we'll define erosion and discuss the causes of erosion such as wind, water, glaciers, and people. Furthermore, we'll discuss how these factors effect landforms on the earth's surface.

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