Ch 3: Physics Games & Activities

About This Chapter

Assign these physics games and activities to strengthen your students' understanding of important physics concepts. These class activities can be easily integrated into your physics lessons, and they're designed to help your students have fun while learning about physics.

Physics Games & Activities - Chapter Summary

Incorporate physics games and activities into your science curriculum with this collection of classroom supplements. The chapter includes fun and engaging games/activities that explore a variety of fundamental physics concepts, including:

  • Centripetal force
  • Mechanical advantage
  • Momentum
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Inertia
  • Air pressure
  • Energy conservation
  • Gravity
  • Bernoulli's and Pascal's principles
  • Parallax and stellar parallax
  • Prisms
  • Electricity, conductors and insulators

You can access these resources at any time using any computer or mobile device. Assign the games to reinforce the physics topics your students have been learning, or incorporate them into your lessons as a way to teach students new physics concepts.

How It Helps

  • Lesson planning: Helps you insert games and activities into your physics lesson plans
  • Activities and games: Offers exciting games and activities that cover a wide variety of basic physics terms and concepts
  • Student engagement: Helps your students improve their physics knowledge in a way that's fun and enjoyable

How It Works

This helpful resource offers teachers lesson plan resources with relevant tools to make planning physics games and activities easy.

  • Use lesson plan outlines for specific physics games and activities you want to cover in class.
  • Formulate your physics class outline using the suggested classroom tools offered in the lesson plans.
  • Share the related physics games and activities lessons with students in class to make learning fun and engaging.
  • Use related lesson quizzes to ensure your students understand the most important physics concepts from the lessons.
  • Engage your students with relevant physics games, activities, discussion questions or other materials found in the lesson plan outline.

25 Lessons in Chapter 3: Physics Games & Activities
Activities to Introduce High School Students to Physics

1. Activities to Introduce High School Students to Physics

Physics may seem like a daunting subject to your students. This lesson contains engaging activities that will turn physics into an accessible and interesting subject.

Air Pressure Activities & Games

2. Air Pressure Activities & Games

As you begin teaching your students about air pressure, it is helpful to give them lots of opportunities to explore this concept. This lesson contains activities and games that will help your students learn more about air pressure.

Conservation of Energy Activities

3. Conservation of Energy Activities

While the concept of conserving energy is abstract, teaching it to your students doesn't have to be. These activities are designed to engage your students in hands-on learning so they can prove that the law of conservation of energy is true.

Gravity Activities & Games

4. Gravity Activities & Games

Are you teaching your students about how gravity works and what its role is? Gravitate towards the center of your students' learning with these hands-on activities and games that will keep your students highly engaged.

Boyle's Law Activities

5. Boyle's Law Activities

Teaching your students about gas laws and looking for a few ideas for activities to use in the classroom? Look no further! This lesson contains several ideas for activities that engage students with Boyle's Law.

Bernoulli's Principle Activities

6. Bernoulli's Principle Activities

Bernoulli's principle shows that when the speed of a fluid increases, the fluid's pressure or potential energy decreases. This lesson offers activities that will help your students more deeply understand the principle and its relevance.

Bernoulli's Principle Activities for Kids

7. Bernoulli's Principle Activities for Kids

Bernoulli's principle is an important physics topic that can be demonstrated through fun, hands-on activities. The ones here include some easy ways to help students visualize the principle and get them thinking about how airplane wings generate lift.

Pascal's Principle Activities

8. Pascal's Principle Activities

Pascal's principle shows that a change in pressure in a confined, incompressible fluid transmits throughout the fluid. This lesson provides activities that will help your students better understand the principle and its application.

Mechanical Advantage Activities

9. Mechanical Advantage Activities

In the context of physics, a mechanical advantage is a measure indicating how much more force is achieved because of the use of a machine. This lesson provides activities that will teach your students about mechanical advantage.

Centripetal Force Activities

10. Centripetal Force Activities

The activities in this lesson focus on centripetal force. You can choose the hands-on, cooperative activities that best suit the grade level, learning styles, and abilities of your students.

Straw Rockets Lesson Plan

11. Straw Rockets Lesson Plan

This lesson plan provides teachers with instructions for building and explaining straw rockets. Students will learn about the engineering design process and apply it towards creating an improved rocket design.

Volcano Experiment Lesson Plan

12. Volcano Experiment Lesson Plan

This lesson plan provides teachers with steps for building a simple volcano experiment with students. Students will learn about volcanoes and chemical reactions while working in groups to build their own volcano model.

STEAM Project Ideas

13. STEAM Project Ideas

STEAM is a multidisciplinary approach to teaching that prepares students with the problem-solving skills they need to be successful in the future. These projects engage upper elementary and middle school students in inquiry-based learning.

Newton's Laws of Motion Activities for Middle School

14. Newton's Laws of Motion Activities for Middle School

Sir Isaac Newton's three laws of motion help to explain our physical world, and these group activities and demonstrations will show your middle schoolers how the three laws actually work in real life.

Circular Motion Project Ideas

15. Circular Motion Project Ideas

Circular motion in physics examines the forces that keep an object moving in a circle. The following projects offer ideas for culminating tasks for classroom use upon completion of a unit on circular motion.

Physics Video Project Ideas

16. Physics Video Project Ideas

Video projects are unique and engaging exercises to get students thinking about their course materials in new ways. These projects can help you integrate videos into the physics classroom.

Wind Car Project Ideas

17. Wind Car Project Ideas

Building wind-powered cars is a fun STEM activity that combines creativity, critical thinking, and implementation of the engineering design model. The following projects offer ideas for building wind-powered cars.

STEM Activities for 4th Grade

18. STEM Activities for 4th Grade

Science, technology, engineering, and math concepts can be taught in every grade level and subject area. Check out these activity ideas to get your students excited and engaged in STEM education!

Balloon Popper Project Ideas

19. Balloon Popper Project Ideas

When creating balloon poppers, students combine their knowledge of chain reactions and simple machines to create a unique device that solves a problem. This asset contains ideas for designing a balloon popper project.

Free Fall Activities for Physics

20. Free Fall Activities for Physics

These activities are designed as in-class experiments to help students observe and better understand the concept of free fall. They can be easily adapted to most classrooms and existing curriculum.

Playground Physics Activities

21. Playground Physics Activities

Getting outside to conduct real-world experiments is a great way for your students to connect with physics. These activities offer whole-class and group physics activities for the playground. Indoor alternatives are also provided.

Christmas STEM Activities for Middle School

22. Christmas STEM Activities for Middle School

Linking a holiday with a set of activities will help channel student enthusiasm and energy for the holiday into their school work. Use these activities in the days leading up to winter break.

Christmas STEM Activities for High School

23. Christmas STEM Activities for High School

Students love to experiment with hands-on designing tasks. The activities offered here are STEM-based and Christmas-themed for collaborative, engaging work.

Halloween STEM Activities for Middle School

24. Halloween STEM Activities for Middle School

This resource will incorporate science, technology, engineering, or mathematics activities into your middle school classes. Students will be inspired to learn by connecting academic concepts to the Halloween holiday.

Circuits Project Ideas

25. Circuits Project Ideas

High school students can apply their learning in creative ways with these project ideas. Consider using them to reinforce key concepts, encourage real-world application, and explore the history of circuitry.

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