Ch 9: Physics Labs

About This Chapter

Work through the lessons in this chapter to learn about different lab ideas that can be used in a physics classroom. The lessons are fun and engaging, making learning an easy process.

Physics Labs - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Physics teachers can benefit from the lessons in this chapter because it will give them different ideas that can be directly applied to a physics classroom. Our professional instructors designed these lessons to use as a supplement for developing physics lesson plans. The labs that are discussed in this chapter can help students increase their knowledge on physics topics that are taught in the classroom. Some of the labs that will be taught in this chapter include:

  • Potential and kinetic energy
  • Ruler drop test
  • Slinky wave
  • Standing waves on a string
  • Work and energy
  • Uniform circular motion
  • Index of refraction

9 Lessons in Chapter 9: Physics Labs
Potential and Kinetic Energy Lab

1. Potential and Kinetic Energy Lab

In this lab, we'll be studying the principle of conservation of energy. We'll use a ball to measure potential energy and kinetic energy and examine how the energy is converted from one form to another as the ball falls from a high place.

Ruler Drop Test for Reaction Time

2. Ruler Drop Test for Reaction Time

In this physics lab, we will be exploring the relationship between time, distance, and acceleration by doing the ruler drop test. The purpose of this lab is to calculate your reaction time based on the amount of time it takes to catch a falling ruler.

Slinky Wave Lab

3. Slinky Wave Lab

In this lab, you'll be learning about waves using a slinky. By the end of the lab, you'll understand the relationship between two properties of waves, frequency and wavelength.

Work and Energy Lab

4. Work and Energy Lab

In this physics lab, we'll explore the relationship between work and energy using our own bodies. When you're done, you'll understand the work energy theorem and how it applies to the lab.

Coffee Cup Calorimetry Lab

5. Coffee Cup Calorimetry Lab

In this lab, we'll be studying properties of heat. By looking at heat transfer between a metal and water we will be able to identify a property of the metal called specific heat.

Uniform Circular Motion Lab

6. Uniform Circular Motion Lab

In this physics lab, we'll be examining the effect of centripetal force on an object moving in a circle. By using a bucket filled with water, you'll be able to understand how the centripetal force acts to hold an object in a circular pattern.

Coffee Filter Terminal Velocity Lab

7. Coffee Filter Terminal Velocity Lab

In this physics lab we'll be studying the phenomenon of terminal velocity using a coffee filter. By the end you'll be able to describe the relationship between terminal velocity, mass, and momentum.

Impulse and Momentum Lab

8. Impulse and Momentum Lab

In this physics lab, you'll be learning about the impulse momentum theorem. By the end of the experiment you'll have gathered data to support the physics principle that the change in momentum during a collision is equal to the impulse experienced.

Index of Refraction Lab

9. Index of Refraction Lab

In this lab, we will investigate the angles of refraction at the interface between two different materials, such as air and water. We'll take angle measurements and use Snell's law to calculate the indices of refraction for each medium.

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