Ch 24: Place & Distribution in Business

About This Chapter

Better understand the role of place and distribution in marketing by studying the lessons in this short chapter. Use them to boost your business class studies, or refer to this chapter to prepare for an exam.

Place & Distribution in Business - Chapter Summary

This chapter provides you with the opportunity to review details about distribution channels and systems that play a role in product marketing. Lessons use examples and definitions to ensure that you fully understand and retain this information.

Delve into the role of distribution strategies and how companies benefit from effective distribution practices as well as why this is important to the marketing mix. After you have completed reviewing this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Define the term 'marketing mix' and describe the concept of place in this mix
  • Identify types of distribution systems and channels used in marketing
  • Discuss distribution strategies used by retail businesses
  • Detail the process of producing goods and making them available to consumers

This chapter offers easy accessibility at all times, from any device, and expert instructors that present the material in a simple and engaging manner. Lesson transcripts are also printable so you can create handy offline reference tools. Use your Dashboard to track your progress and the self-assessment quizzes can measure how much you have learned and retained from each lesson.

5 Lessons in Chapter 24: Place & Distribution in Business
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Place in the Marketing Mix: Definition & Concept

1. Place in the Marketing Mix: Definition & Concept

In this lesson, we'll define the marketing mix and then focus specifically on one element of the marketing mix - place. This element is used to ensure products are available at the right location at the right time.

Distribution Channels in Marketing: Definition, Types & Examples

2. Distribution Channels in Marketing: Definition, Types & Examples

A distribution channel is a necessity in business. This lesson will discuss these channels, the types of distribution systems, and the goods and services that move along these channels.

Distribution System: Definition & Types

3. Distribution System: Definition & Types

In this lesson about distribution systems we will grasp how the collaboration of various procedures is linked together to aid supply of products and services to meet demand. An ensuing quiz will test your knowledge.

Retail Distribution Strategies

4. Retail Distribution Strategies

Retailers, such as department stores, discount stores and boutiques, sell most consumer products. In this lesson, you'll learn about different retail distribution strategies that manufacturers employ to get their products in front of consumers.

Physical Distribution in Marketing: Definition, Functions & Importance

5. Physical Distribution in Marketing: Definition, Functions & Importance

In this lesson, we'll be looking at physical distribution and the movement of finished goods from production to consumer. We will explore the functions of physical distribution and its importance.

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