Ch 17: PLACE Mathematics: Rational Expressions

About This Chapter

Prepare for test questions on rational expressions as part of your preparation for the PLACE Mathematics. Watch these lesson videos to learn how to add and subtract rational expressions, solve rational equations, simplify rational expressions and more.

PLACE Mathematics: Rational Expressions - Chapter Summary

This chapter will help you prepare for questions on rational expressions that you may see on the Program for Licensing Assessments for Colorado Educators (PLACE) Mathematics. Follow along with our expert instructors as they go through mathematical operations with rational expressions, rational equations, complex rational expressions and graphs of rational functions. After watching these lesson videos, you should have an understanding of:

  • Multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting rational expressions
  • Solving rational equations
  • Using the reciprocals of rational expressions
  • Simplifying complex rational expressions
  • The asymptotes, domain and range on graphs of rational functions

Other tools in this chapter include lesson quizzes that can help you find topics you may want to review before taking the PLACE Mathematics and worksheets that can be printed out for studying on the go. The jump feature in the video timelines help you structure your review by giving you the ability to go directly to key subjects in the lesson videos. Also, you may ask our instructors any questions you may have to effectively master the material on rational expressions.

PLACE Mathematics: Rational Expressions Objectives

PLACE Mathematics is a paper-based certification exam for aspiring math teachers in Colorado. It is composed of multiple-choice questions which test takers are given 4.5 hours to complete. The test has five areas, including foundations of mathematics and the functions and relations of mathematics. This chapter has been composed to help you prepare for some of the questions in these two areas by giving you an overview of the functions of rational expressions. Use the lesson videos, worksheets, and quizzes in this chapter to learn about rational expressions before taking the PLACE Mathematics.

6 Lessons in Chapter 17: PLACE Mathematics: Rational Expressions
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How to Multiply and Divide Rational Expressions

1. How to Multiply and Divide Rational Expressions

Multiplying and dividing rational polynomial expressions is exactly like multiplying and dividing fractions. Like fractions, we will reduce. With polynomial expressions we use factoring and canceling. I also give you a little mnemonic to help you remember when you need a common denominator and when you don't.

How to Add and Subtract Rational Expressions

2. How to Add and Subtract Rational Expressions

Adding and subtracting rational expressions brings everything you learned about fractions into the world of algebra. We will mix common denominators with factoring and FOILing.

How to Solve a Rational Equation

3. How to Solve a Rational Equation

A rational equation is one that contains fractions. Yes, we will be finding a common denominator that has 'x's. But no worries! Together we will use a process that will help us solve rational equations every time!

Division and Reciprocals of Rational Expressions

4. Division and Reciprocals of Rational Expressions

In this video lesson, you will learn how to divide and take the reciprocal of any rational expression. Learn the one easy step you take to be able to find your answer quickly and easily.

Simplifying Complex Rational Expressions

5. Simplifying Complex Rational Expressions

When it comes to fractions, things may seem to get really complicated and scary when you have a fraction on top of a fraction. But never fear, after watching this video lesson, you will be able to simplify these expressions like a pro.

Analyzing the Graph of a Rational Function: Asymptotes, Domain, and Range

6. Analyzing the Graph of a Rational Function: Asymptotes, Domain, and Range

A rational function arises from the ratio of two polynomial expressions. The graphs of rational functions often have distinct characteristics. In this lesson, we look at how to analyze some of those characteristics.

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