Ch 11: PLACE: Research for Reading Instruction

About This Chapter

Ease the process of studying for the PLACE Reading Specialist exam by exploring the lessons in this chapter. Brush up on your knowledge of research for reading instruction to boost your confidence as you prepare for the test.

PLACE: Research for Reading Instruction - Chapter Summary

The short text and video lessons in this chapter provide a window into the topics you might expect to see on the PLACE Reading Specialist exam. Deepen your understanding of research for reading instruction so you're ready to answer questions that related to the following:

  • Understanding types of research design
  • Examining qualitative research
  • Exhibiting knowledge of true experimental design
  • Detailing how to assess validity and reliability when conducting a research study
  • Interpreting correlations in research results
  • Describing how to apply research to improve reading instruction

This chapter allows you to take advantage of expert instruction in a convenient online environment. You can watch the videos or read the text lessons as often as needed to absorb the information. You can even submit lesson topic questions to experienced instructors.

Objectives of the PLACE: Research for Reading Instruction Chapter

The topics in this PLACE: Research for Reading Instruction chapter are located in the program organization, administration and leadership subarea of the exam, which is one of four total subareas. You can study for this section using a variety of resources in this chapter, including full video transcripts that provide you with a written version of the lessons, video timelines that allow you to skip to specific topics within the lessons and self-assessment quizzes that test your comprehension of the lessons.

The exam is a content-area test designed for teachers in Colorado who want to add a reading specialist endorsement to their new or existing educator license. All of the questions on the test are multiple choice. Passing the exam requires a score of 220 or higher.

6 Lessons in Chapter 11: PLACE: Research for Reading Instruction
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Types of Research Design

1. Types of Research Design

There are questions to be answered in all areas of psychology. How are these questions answered by professionals in the field? This lesson covers several different options researchers can use to approach such questions.

An Overview of Qualitative Research

2. An Overview of Qualitative Research

Sometimes, a research study does not have results made up of numbers. In this lesson, we'll look at qualitative research, compare it to quantitative research and examine some of its strengths and limitations.

True Experimental Design

3. True Experimental Design

Experiments are the classic way to conduct research in almost any field of study. But do you know how true experiments really work? This lesson explains the details of experimental design, such as different types of samples, control groups and independent vs. dependent variables.

Validity and Reliability: How to Assess the Quality of a Research Study

4. Validity and Reliability: How to Assess the Quality of a Research Study

Many psychologists and teachers complete research studies. How can you tell if a study was done well? This lesson will cover many criteria for a good quality study, including types of reliability and validity.

How to Interpret Correlations in Research Results

5. How to Interpret Correlations in Research Results

Perhaps the most common statistic you'll see from psychology is a correlation. Do you know how to correctly interpret correlations when you see them? This lesson covers everything you need to know.

Applying Research to Improve Reading Instruction

6. Applying Research to Improve Reading Instruction

Reading is the most critical skill a student can master, and the importance of effective reading instruction in the classroom cannot be overstated. Let's look at what the research says and how we can implement best practices with our own students.

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