Ch 2: Planning & Decision Making in Management

About This Chapter

Use our training course to help your managers develop a process for making decisions and planning. These brief video lessons and quizzes look at steps your managers can take to obtain results quickly and rationally.

Planning & Decision Making in Management - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, your supervisors will look at specific methods for planning, problem solving and making decisions. Managerial employees will study the following:

  • Management problem-solving methods
  • Steps for making management decisions
  • Strategic management process
  • Types of planning
  • Principles of total quality management (TQM)

Our videos outline standard methods for handling planning and decision-making situations, using real world examples to make their points. Your managers can verify their understanding with the lesson quizzes and chapter tests and then discuss these topics with their colleagues.

How It Helps

  • Builds problem-solving skills: Watching our lessons will help your managers develop strategies for solving common problems related to team management and supervision. In a group training setting, sharing experiences and ideas will be especially helpful.
  • Streamlines the decision-making process: Your managers will learn about a seven-step process that can be used for nearly all decisions.
  • Reinforces TQM principles: Another lesson describes TQM ideas and why they are useful. Your managers will learn how to teach their employees about these principles.

Skills Covered

By the end of this chapter, managers should be prepared to:

  • Solve problems quickly and fairly
  • Apply the seven steps of the decision-making process
  • Employ strategic management principles
  • Describe types of planning used by managers
  • Utilize and teach TQM principles

5 Lessons in Chapter 2: Planning & Decision Making in Management
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Types of Problem Solving Methods in Management and Supervision

1. Types of Problem Solving Methods in Management and Supervision

A big part of management and supervision is solving problems. In this lesson, we'll take a look at a few problem-solving methods that can be used to solve typical problems facing managers and supervisors. A short quiz follows.

The Seven Steps of Decision Making

2. The Seven Steps of Decision Making

Effective decision-making is an essential skill for every manager. In this lesson, you'll learn about a seven-step process for effective decision-making. You'll also have an opportunity to take a short quiz after the lesson.

The Strategic Management Process

3. The Strategic Management Process

We will be reviewing the strategic management process, starting with the four main steps of the process. These steps provide the foundation for understanding strategic management as a whole and will serve you well as you deal with management decision-making situations.

Types of Planning: Strategic, Tactical, Operational & Contingency Planning

4. Types of Planning: Strategic, Tactical, Operational & Contingency Planning

This lesson will explain the four types of planning used by managers, including strategic, tactical, operational and contingency planning. Terms, such as single-use plans, continuing plans, policy, procedure and rule, will also be defined.

Five Principles of Total Quality Management (TQM)

5. Five Principles of Total Quality Management (TQM)

Total quality management (TQM) is achieved and becomes part of the overall organizational culture when the five principles - produce quality work the first time, focus on the customer, have a strategic approach to improvement, improve continuously and encourage mutual respect and teamwork - are practiced by all employees.

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