Ch 2: Planning & Setting Business Goals

About This Chapter

Businesses set goals to measure progress, but to do so, your employees must understand how to plan out steps to reach these goals. The informative lessons in this chapter can educate your team leaders about goal setting and planning strategies.

Planning & Setting Business Goals - Chapter Summary

The material in this chapter goes over the steps for planning, setting, and achieving company goals. Supervisor-level staff who view these lessons will discover more about the following:

  • Matching department goals with the goals of the organization
  • Setting aside time for planning as part of all managerial actions
  • Identifying obstacles and benefits that come from taking the time to make a plan
  • Implementing different management planning strategies

The visual aids in the lessons highlight the stages involved in the planning process, and the instructor voice-overs explain how planning is the cornerstone of the goal-setting process. To assess the usefulness of this corporate training program, you can measure how much information your employees retained by having them answer the lesson quizzes. A chapter exam is also available to verify if your managerial employees truly grasp these concepts.

How It Helps

  • Promotes accountability: Goals give employees targets, so teaching supervisors how to make detailed plans to achieve those goals will encourage them to be more accountable for following through with the plans they have created.
  • Advances the organization's philosophy: Training managers to analyze the goals of the organization will ensure that any department goals they set will align with the company's overall vision.
  • Identifies business needs: By learning how to make plans for achieving corporate goals, your supervisors will simultaneously recognize the needs of the organization in relation to how each goal will be achieved.

Skills Covered

After your managerial staff completes this chapter, they will possess the skills to do the following:

  • Apply tested methodologies to establishing and developing department goals
  • Explain the connection between goal planning and the role of management
  • Point out organization-specific hurdles that may impede the planning process
  • Elaborate on how to use operational, strategic, tactical, and contingency planning strategies
  • Determine how your organization could implement single-use plans, goal-setting policies, continuing plans, and other planning procedures

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