Ch 3: Planning the Curriculum

About This Chapter

Planning the curriculum of a course can involve the utilization of different models and approaches to instructional design. This chapter covers the basics of curriculum planning, including models available, and the use of curriculum guides and mapping.

Planning the Curriculum - Chapter Summary

This chapter presents an introduction to curriculum planning and the different models and guides you can use when developing your own curriculum. A few of the topics covered are:

  • The planning process and development of curriculum
  • Curriculum models and guides
  • Writing a curriculum map
  • Creative curriculum
  • Essential questions in creating a curriculum
  • Incorporating resources into curriculum

Each lesson thoroughly explores parts of the curriculum planning process, and lesson quizzes and worksheets ensure full comprehension. Key concepts are also revisited in the chapter exam.

How It Helps

  • Enhances understanding: You'll not only learn about various curriculum models, but how to choose the one that best matches your teaching style.
  • Provides resources: These lessons will help you identify tools that can help you develop a solid curriculum and bolster your effectiveness in the classroom.
  • Encourages creativity: You'll learn how to create a curriculum that engages students in big ideas and enhances the learning process.

Skills Covered

By the end of this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Understand the essentials of curriculum planning
  • Utilize curriculum models to enhance learning in the classroom
  • Recognize the importance of curriculum guides and maps
  • Integrate available resources into your teaching methods
  • Design creative curriculum that engages students in the learning process

9 Lessons in Chapter 3: Planning the Curriculum
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Curriculum Planning Process & Development

1. Curriculum Planning Process & Development

Curriculum planning and development is a challenging but important process. If teachers use standards to write annual, unit, and lesson plans, they will ensure that their students are exposed to all necessary material in a given school year.

What is Curriculum Planning?

2. What is Curriculum Planning?

A good understanding of curriculum planning is essential for good teaching. This lesson will help you learn what curriculum planning is, give you a sense of why it's important, and help you get ready to plan your own curriculum.

What is a Curriculum Model?

3. What is a Curriculum Model?

Curriculum models are a tool used by educators. Much is made of their development and implementation, but does anyone actually know what one is? Let's take a look at curriculum models and see what all the buzz is about.

What is a Curriculum Guide?

4. What is a Curriculum Guide?

Knowing what to teach and when is a common source of anxiety among novice teachers. Many states, districts, and schools help teachers pace their lessons with a curriculum guide. Though sometimes stringent, these tools can make teaching more focused.

What is Curriculum Mapping?

5. What is Curriculum Mapping?

In this lesson we will discuss what a curriculum map is. Topics we will cover include what to include in a curriculum map, who writes a curriculum map, and what things to consider when writing a curriculum map.

Types of Curriculum Models

6. Types of Curriculum Models

Educators use guides to help them decide what, when, and how to teach. These curriculum guides are based on models. Have you ever thought about where your lesson plans came from? Let's take a look at how curriculum models mold our teaching.

What is Creative Curriculum?

7. What is Creative Curriculum?

A creative curriculum is one that incorporates big ideas, varied and engaging activities, and a sense of continuity as a way to stimulate students, teachers, and even families. This lesson will teach you what a creative curriculum is and how to get creative with your own curriculum!

Using Essential Questions in Curriculum

8. Using Essential Questions in Curriculum

Essential questions are an important part of instruction but can sometimes be confusing. What are they, and how are they different than an everyday question? Read on for details.

Teaching Resources & Curriculum Materials in Instructional Design

9. Teaching Resources & Curriculum Materials in Instructional Design

Successful teachers design rich learning opportunities for students. This lesson identifies and discusses the use of teaching resources and curriculum materials to design learning experiences.

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