Ch 15: Plant & Animal Life Cycles

About This Chapter

Let us help you better understand plant and animal life cycles with this chapter's entertaining lessons. Review short videos and texts that cover the life cycles of amphibians, monarch butterflies, various types of plants and more.

Plant & Animal Life Cycles - Chapter Summary

Plant and animal life cycles can vary based on their species and other important factors. Learn more about life cycles and what influences them among plants and animals by exploring this chapter. Lessons are easy to navigate and can be accessed from any computer, smartphone or tablet. Upon completion of this chapter, you will be prepared for the following:

  • Defining and identifying the stages of the life cycle
  • Describing how an amphibian goes from an egg to a fully developed organism
  • Explaining the migration, life cycle and other facts about the monarch butterfly
  • Sharing the life cycles of various types of plants
  • Identifying stressors that impact plants
  • Discussing how gravity impacts plants in their early stages of development

Review the lessons in this chapter anytime, day or night, to learn their concepts in a timeframe that suits your study schedule. If you hit a snag and need additional details about these concepts, send your questions to our experts. When ready, assess your understanding by taking short multiple-choice quizzes and a chapter exam. In no time, you will feel confident that you comprehend the life cycles of plants and animals.

6 Lessons in Chapter 15: Plant & Animal Life Cycles
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What is a Life Cycle? - Definition, Stages & Examples

1. What is a Life Cycle? - Definition, Stages & Examples

In this lesson, you'll learn the definition of 'life cycle' and find out about the three basic stages of a life cycle. You'll also explore examples of different life cycles.

Amphibian Life Cycle

2. Amphibian Life Cycle

Have your ever looked at a frog and wondered how it came to be? How did it go from an egg, to the frog you may see hopping around a lake? In this lesson you will learn about the amphibian life cycle and the process that takes an amphibian from an egg to fully a developed organism using the frog as an example.

Monarch Butterfly: Migration, Life Cycle & Facts

3. Monarch Butterfly: Migration, Life Cycle & Facts

The monarch butterfly has a fascinating life cycle and migration pattern that is repeated every single year. Read this lesson to learn how an egg eventually becomes a butterfly and how incredible this species is!

Life Cycles of Different Types of Plants

4. Life Cycles of Different Types of Plants

From spores to gametophytes to flowers, plants have many different life cycles. This lesson will focus on the life cycles of three groups of plants: the flowering angiosperms, the ferns and the mosses.

Environmental Stimuli & Stress: Plant Adaptations & Responses

5. Environmental Stimuli & Stress: Plant Adaptations & Responses

Plants get stressed out about a lot of stuff, like floods, droughts, high heat, and cold. And they have ways in which they deal with these kinds of stress. This lesson gives some examples of how this occurs.

How Plants Respond to Gravity

6. How Plants Respond to Gravity

Plants respond to a wide variety of stimuli. This includes gravity. This lesson explains how gravity influences a plant, especially in its earliest stages of development.

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