Ch 13: Plant Reproduction Overview

About This Chapter

This overview of plant reproduction covers topics like asexual plant reproduction, seed development, plant embryo germination, and female flower components. These brief lessons are designed to help those who are getting ready to take an exam.

Plant Reproduction Overview - Chapter Summary

The lessons in this chapter provide an overview of plant reproduction. You'll review the pollination process, vegetative propagation, plant fertilization, endosperm, and more. After completing the chapter, you should be prepared to:

  • Discuss asexual plant reproduction for the creation of new offspring
  • Explain complex life cycles of plants, such as gametophyte and sporophyte
  • Describe the components of a plant that make pollination possible
  • Explore the process of plant fertilization
  • Describe the function and appearance of a seed coat
  • Explore the development of endosperm
  • Explain the process of seed and fruit development

These video and text lessons help you quickly and easily get up to speed on plant reproduction. Vocabulary words are highlighted in bold print for quick reference. You can use the Help tab or your Dashboard to submit questions to instructors if you get stuck on a topic. Each lesson is also accompanied by a full written transcript.

7 Lessons in Chapter 13: Plant Reproduction Overview
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Asexual Plant Reproduction: Vegetative Propagation and Bulbs

1. Asexual Plant Reproduction: Vegetative Propagation and Bulbs

Not all plants make attractive flowers in order to reproduce. Some plants will not make seeds and pollen either. These plants have other ways to create new offspring. We will look at a few key methods of vegetative propagation.

Alternation of Generations: The Gametophyte and Sporophyte

2. Alternation of Generations: The Gametophyte and Sporophyte

Even though many plants seem simple, they often have very complex life cycles. We will look at how plants alternate between different life stages as well as the terms used to describe these unique points in their life cycle.

Pollination Process: Male & Female Flower Components

3. Pollination Process: Male & Female Flower Components

In this lesson, we'll learn about the pollination process and the components in plants that make this possible. We'll also learn about the various forms of pollination and how they work.

Plant Fertilization: Process & Definition

4. Plant Fertilization: Process & Definition

For you, pollen might just be a trigger for sneezing and watery eyes. But for plants, it's a vital ingredient in the reproductive process. Explore plant fertilization through this lesson, then test your knowledge of what you've learned.

Seed Coat: Definition & Function

5. Seed Coat: Definition & Function

In this lesson, we'll take a look at the seed coat and how it works. We'll explore what a seed coat looks like, how it protects a seed, and why it is so very important to the successful germination of a plant embryo.

Endosperm: Definition, Function & Development

6. Endosperm: Definition, Function & Development

Of all the times you've eaten popcorn, how many times have you actually stopped to think about what you're eating? Popcorn is a seed in which the center of the endosperm has been turned inside out. Learn more about endosperms in this lesson.

Seed & Fruit Development

7. Seed & Fruit Development

In this lesson we'll be learning about the development of the seeds and fruits during plant reproduction. We'll also go over parthenocarpy and how this process produces seedless fruits.

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